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My idol Tetyukhin Sergey

1. My idol - athlete

Performed: Trankova Aleksandra group 7271
Volga region state Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism
Head: Zakirova Lily Rastyamovna

2. Tetyukhin Sergey

Sergey Tetyukhin is a Russian
volleyball player, an additional
player, an Olympic champion in
2012, a silver medalist of the
Olympic games in Sydney, a bronze
medalist of the Olympic games in
Athens and Beijing, a prize-winner of
the world championship, a multiple
medalist of the European
Championships, honored master of
sports of Russia.

3. Youth

Sergey Tetyukhin spent his
childhood in Fergana. His father
Yury Ivanovich was the first trainer
of the athlete, and the first team in
career — Tashkent "Wings of the
East". In 1992, due to the changed
socio-political situation and the lack
of prospects for the growth of the
player at home, the Tetyukhin family
decided to move to Russia and on
the advice of honored coach of the
USSR Yuri Furaev went to Belgorod.
Sergei was accepted into the team

4. Club career

As recalled the head coach of the Belgorod club
Gennady Shipulin, Sergei immediately made a good
impression and looked good in different roles:
«I remember for a long time I could not decide how
best to adapt this talented guy. Today I have the
site went Tetyukhin-forward, tomorrow Tetyukhinbinder. The decision to make him a player I took
because of the phenomenal coordination and the
ability of Tetyukhin soft movement to raise the
speed ball. In addition, his physique-the standard
for this roleIn»
In 1995, Tetyukhin won his first title with the
Belgorod Lokomotiv, the Russian Cup, in 1997 and
1998 he became the champion of the country, and
in 1999 he was first recognized as the most
valuable player of the championship, winning the
prize of Andrei Kuznetsov.In the 1999-2000 season,
along with two Russians, Ilya Savelyev and
Stanislav by Denejkina, began performances in the
Italian "Parma". The team that spent the first
season in the A1 series after returning from the
second division, largely thanks to the Russian trio
was able to take fifth place in the regular season.


For the third time the title of the best
volleyball player of Russia Sergey Tetyukhin
was awarded in 2006. Then "the locomotiveBelogore" has lost the Superfinal of the
championship of the country Dynamo, but the
leader of the Belgorod team showed great
character. On the eve of the second away
match of the Superfinal (the first was lost by
railwaymen with the score 0:3) Sergey on
training unsuccessfully beat off the ball flying
in a face and broke a finger. In the same
match, Belgorod lost the first two games, but
in the third set Tetyukhin, coming to the pitch,
turned the score 3:6 to 7:6 and made a
turning point in the course of the game. In just
five games, he scored 23 points-almost a
quarter of all that earned his team, including
10 directly from the filing. Lokomotiv
Belogorie pulled out a tough victory and
saved the intrigue in the series, in the rest of
which Tetyukhin continued to play with a
broken finger.
In the summer of 2006, along with partners
in Belgorod "Loco" Alexander Kosarev and
Vadim Khamuttskikh has passed in Kazan
"the Dynamo-Tattransgaz". In the super
final of the championship of Russia2006/07 they took revenge from Moscow
Dynamo for the defeat a year ago, and the
next season brought Tetyukhin victory in
the Cup of Russia and the Champions
League and another prize for the best
player of the country, after which the
volleyball player returned to LokomotivBelogorie.Third career appearance
tetjuhina in "the Locomotive-Belogore"
were linked the hopes of the fans in the
new success of the team. After all, since
1995, when Sergey began to come out in
the main squad of Gennady Shipulin, all
Russian clubs for which he played, in each
season won at least one title. The tradition


In autumn 2009 Tetyukhin won his 8th
national Cup as a member of Zenit Kazan
and was recognized as the MVP of the
Final eight in Kaliningrad, and in may 2010
he became the champion of Russia for the
eighth time. In the 2010/2011 season,
largely due to the skill and years of
experience of Tetyukhin, Zenit managed to
beat Dynamo Moscow in the final, which
gained momentum to the decisive stages
of the playoffs[10]. On may 7, 2011,
Sergey Tetyukhin became the 9-time
champion of the country, thus further
strengthening his leadership in the number
of titles in the Russian super League. After
the end of the season he moved to
Belogorie again.
Video Doigrovshchik Tetjuhina against the
champion! Preview "Belogorie" - " ZenitKazan -


In December 2012, Sergey Tetyukhin won the
Russian Cup for the ninth time in his career and
soon began to regularly play in Belogorie,
recovering from problems with his knees and heart
rhythm, which haunted the athlete before and after
the Olympic tournament in London. In the playoffs
of the super League 2012/13 "Belogorie" passed a
difficult way, beating Moscow "Dynamo",
Novosibirsk "locomotive", Kazan" Zenit", Ufa" Ural "
and eight years later became the champion of the
country. Sergey Tetyukhin won the tenth gold medal
of the Russian Championships. He invariably left in
starting structure of the Belgorod team in these
duels, except for the third match of a semi-final
series with "Zenith" which could pass because of
the leg injury which arose in the previous meeting,
but, according to the athlete, "the situation so
developed that it was necessary to leave and
help"[11]. Sergei's substitution in the second game
was a turning point in that game[12]. On may 11,
2013, in the difficult first game of the "Golden"
match against Ural on Tetyukhin's serve, Belgorod
players scored 10 points in a row, after which they
did not miss the initiative in the match[13].


In March 2014, Sergey Tetyukhin won the
Champions League for the fourth time, and
was awarded the MVP prize for playing in the
final match against Turkish Halkbank. He
once again showed an indomitable character,
the ability to play at the maximum of
opportunities in the most crucial moments —
on his innings, Belogorie made a decisive
acceleration in the first game, and in the end
of the fourth, yielding 17:22, came forward,
and turning the situation, eventually achieved
victory[14].On March 26, 2017, in the match
of the Russian championship against Zenit,
Sergei Tetyukhin played in the starting lineup
of Belogorie together with his son
Pavel[15][16].On April 3, 2018, he announced
that at the end of the 2017/18 season he
would finish his playing career[17], and a
week later in Ankara he won his last title with
Belogorie-the European volleyball
Confederation Cup[18]. April 29, 2018 match
of the championship of Russia against
Novourengoy "Torch" ended his career as a

9. Russian national team

In 1994 Sergey Tetyukhin joined the Russian youth team. At the European
championship in Turkey, the team led by Valery Alferov won gold medals. In the final
game with a score of 3:0 were beaten by peers from France, and Sergei Tetyukhin, who
went to the decisive match with the novocaine blockade of the shoulder, was recognized
as the best player of the tournament[19]. A year before, in 1993, Sergei could make his
debut in the national team. He went along with the team in the traditional tour in those
years in Japan, but never came to the site, because it was declared as the third reserve
binder.The first official match for the national team Tetyukhin held may 11, 1996 in
Beijing. Within the World of the League of Russian volleyball team that day won a
victory over the Japanese team with the score 3:2. In July-August 1996 in Atlanta he
performed at the first Olympic games in his career[20].In December 1999, Sergey
Tetyukhin won the world Cup and was awarded the title of honored master of sports. In
2002, the Russian team won The world League for the first time and won silver medals
at the world championship. As a result of the world forum Sergey took the fourth place in
the dispute of the most productive players, losing only to the famous diagonal Markos
Milinkovich, Ivan Milkovich and quite a bit — Vladimir Nikolov (135 points against 139),
and also entered the top ten of the host tournament.


11. Progress: personal

1. European youth championship MVP (1994).
2. Best player of the Russian championship (1999, 2003, 2006, 2008).MVP of the Final
four of the Champions League (2002/03, 2013/14).
3. MVP of the Final four of the Russian Cup (2007).
4. MVP of the Final eight of the Open Cup of Russia (2009).
5. MVP of the European Olympic qualifying tournament (2016).
6. Best pitcher of the Champions League final four (2010/11).
7. He entered the symbolic seven of the club world championship (2014).
8. A participant Games stars Russia (2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, February
2014, December 2014).Knight of the order of Vyacheslav Platonov (2012).
9. The best athlete of Russia in 2012 according to the Federation of sports journalists of
Russia, the newspaper "Sport-Express", an Internet portal "Cempionatam" the
audience of the TV channel "Russia-2»

12. Thank you for listening

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