Matthew John Anderson
Matthew John Anderson
National team
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My idol in volleyball Matthew John Anderson


Performed: Mukhametdinova Elvira (71111)

2. Matthew John Anderson

3. Matthew John Anderson

Matthew Anderson, born April 18, 1987 in Buffalo,
is the youngest of five children Nancy and
Michael Anderson. Parents Matthew and his
sisters Joel and Amy in college years played
volleyball. Matthew began to play volleyball at the
West Seneca School - a suburb of Buffalo at age
14 , also tried himself in football, at the position
of the goalkeeper, but this sport seemed boring
to him. He played for the US youth volleyball
team, which in 2006 became the silver medalist
of the NORCECA confederation championship in
Mexico, and in 2007 took the 7th place at the
World Championships in Morocco.

4. Youth

For three years, Matthew played in the NCAA
Championship for the team of the University of
Pennsylvania, which in 2008 was the winner of
the student league and was awarded the prize for
the best player in the finals. In June of the same
year, Matthew Anderson made his debut in the
US national team and won the Pan American Cup,
but in July he refused to continue his studies at
the university in favor of his first professional
contract with the South Korean club Hyundai
Skywalkers from Cheonan.


In 2009, at the World League, Matthew
Anderson became a player of the US team,
but played only 6 matches in the
intercontinental round. At the end of June,
the athlete was hospitalized in connection
with pneumonia, underwent surgery, spent
about three months recovering .


2010 for two seasons, Matthew Anderson
played in the Italian league for "Callipo"
(Vibo-Valentia) and "Modena". In the US team,
he, in his own opinion, managed to get out
after the illness at his level in 2011 - at the
World Cup in Japan . Americans in this
tournament finished sixth, and Matthew
became the most productive in his team and
the 8th in performance among all participants
of the tournament.


In may 2012, he was recognized as the best
striker in the North American Olympic qualifying
tournament in July won the silver medal of the
World League. At the Olympic games-2012 25year-old Anderson was the youngest player in
the USA national team, has received from
teammates nicknamed Pup (from the English.
puppy — "puppy"). In London wards Alan Nayp
took first place in the group a preliminary stage,
but then lost in the quarterfinals of the Italians.
Anderson stepped into the starting lineup in all
six games his team scored 82 points.


After the Olympics, he began performing in
Russia for Zenit, replacing his compatriot
William Priddy in the Kazan team.
Commenting on the invitation of Matthew
Anderson, the head coach of Zenit and the
Russian national team Vladimir Alekno said:
"I've paid attention to this guy for a long time,
but I admit that his game at the Olympics was
pleasantly surprised. He took one more step
forward and looked very decent. He can
become a great player "


In the club, Matthew Anderson continued to be a game
player and in the season-2013/14 he won with "Zenith"
the title of the champion of Russia. Before the main
matches of the season - "Finals of Six" - the team of
Vladimir Alekno lost because of injuries of Captain
Alexander Volkov and the main striker Maxim Mikhailov,
and in this difficult situation Anderson proved to be a real
leader. In four matches of the final tournament in
Yekaterinburg, he scored 95 points (with the effectiveness
of the attack 53%), more often than other players, "Zenith"
attacked, confidently playing on high balls, more often
than others and also very reliably accepted. After the
victory in the championship, Alekno noted that Anderson
was worthy of the MVP prize, if such was provided


In the summer of 2014, Matthew Anderson in
the national team won the World League,
becoming the most productive player in the
intercontinental round and third in
performance at the "Final Six" in Florence.
Started at the end of August, the World Cup
in Poland was unsuccessful - the American
team took the 7th place on it.

11. Achievements

With national team
Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games (2016).
Winner of the World League (2014), silver (2012)
and bronze (2015) prize-winner of the World
Winner of the World Cup (2015).
Champion NORCECA (2013, 2017), silver
medalist of the NORCECA Championship (2011).
The owner of the Pan American Cup (2008).
Silver medalist of the youth championship
NORCECA (2006).

12. National team


With clubs
Champion of NCAA (2008), silver medalist (2006).
Silver medalist of the championship of the Republic of
Korea (2008/09, 2009/10).
Champion of Russia (2013/14, 2015/16, 2016/17),
bronze medalist of the Russian Championship (2012/13).
The winner of the Cup of Russia (2015, 2016), the finalist
(2012) and the bronze medalist (2013) of the Cup of
The owner of the Russian Super Cup (2015, 2016).
Winner of the Champions League (2014/15, 2015/16,
2016/17), bronze medalist of the Champions League
Silver medalist of the club world championship (2015,

14. Clubs


The most valuable player (MVP) of the NORCECA championship
(2013), entered the symbolic national team of the tournament.
MVP World Cup (2015).
The best diagonal of the World Cup champions (2017).
The best striker of the Olympic qualifying tournament NORCECA
The most outstanding player (MOP) of the NCAA Championship
The best volleyball player in the United States in 2012, 2013,
2014 and 2015.
The best forward of the "Final Six" of the Russian championship
Member of the Russian Star of Matches (2013, February 2014).

16. Personal


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