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The victory of the Kazan club
Top 10 Best Volleyball Attacks by Wilfredo Leon
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My Idol

1. My Idol

The work performe
by the student of
71111 gr
Badriev Diyar

2. Childhood

Wilfredo Leon was born in
Santiago de Cuba. Volleyball
started playing from the age
of seven, learning the basics
of this game under the
guidance of his mother, Alina
Rosario, who became his
first coach.The first match
for the national team of
Cuba held at the age of 14
years, may 24, 2008 in
Dusseldorf, coming on as
substitute in the fourth set
of the match world Olympic
qualifying tournament
against Germany. June 21,
2008 in Havana Wilfredo
Leon played their first match
of the World League, where
the team Cuba, played with
team Russia. Appeared on
the court at the end of the
second set, he played all
third party and brought her
team 6 points.

3. Childhood

In 2010 composed the Cuban national team once
again become the party of the "Final six" World
League and won the silver at the world
Championships and the Junior team won the gold
medal of the youth Olympic games in Singapore. In
2011, before the start of the next World League 17year-old Wilfredo Leon was chosen as the new
captain of the national team of Cuba.Bright and
stable play Leon at the very beginning of his career
gave rise to the sports journalists compare
themselves with others Cuban Prodigy — baseball
player, double Olympic champion Omar Linares,
debuted in the national team at the age of 15 years.

4. The victory of the Kazan club

– Poland for you second home, you
received a passport of that country. In
fact, you played at home. You had
additional motivation in this regard?
– I had a motivation to win in Krakow
title with Zenit. It was the most
important. I don't think that a victory
"Zenith" over "Resovia" in the semipleased with those who are worried
about the club from the city where I
started my life in Poland. I love this
country, but my job today is Kazan, it
is "Zenith". We have a great team, a
very strong coach, very good
management and I am happy that we
are Champions.

5. Achievements

With the teams
- Silver medalist of the world
youth championship (2009).
- 2-time champion NORCECA
(2009, 2011).
- Silver medal winner of the
Great champion's Cup (2009).
- The winner of the I summer
youth Olympic games (2010).
- Silver medalist of the world
championship (2010).
- Silver medalist panAmerican games (2011).
- Bronze medalist at World
League (2012).
In club career
- Champion Of Russia
(2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17).
- The Russian Cup Winner
(2014, 2015, 2016).
- Winner Of Russian Super
Cup (2015, 2016, 2017).
- The winner of the
Champions League (2014/15,
2015/16, 2016/17).
- Silver medalist of club world
championship (2015, 2016).

6. Achievements

- The best server of the World League (2009).
- MVP, best offensive player and winner of the prize "Rising
star" in the championship NORCECA (2009).
- The most effective and the best striker in the championship
NORCECA (2011).
- MVP of the volleyball tournament of the pan American
games (2011).
- MVP of the Final four of the Champions League (2015, 2016).
- Best outside hitter "Final four" of the Champions League
(2015, 2016, 2017).
- The Winner Of The Prize Andrey Kuznetsov (2015).The best
outside hitter club world Cup (2015, 2016).
- The best pitcher of the "Final six" of Russian championship
(2017).NBA star (December 2014).


I admire Wilfredo Leon, as he from
childhood is confidently moving to its
goal and achieved it, becoming a
famous volleyball player and one of
the best players in the world. He is
also a role model for many people.
I'm proud of him

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