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Мy Favorite Sportsman

1. Мy Favorite Sportsman

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I want to talk about their favorite sportsman, who is
an idol for me in the sport.
Sergey Yuryevich Tetyukhin (born 23 September 1975) is a
Russian volleyball player. He was born in Fergana, Uzbekistan.
Tetyukhin the Olympic champion in 2012, silver medalist of the
Olympic Games in Sydney, bronze medalist of the Olympic
Games in Athens and Beijing, winner of the World Cup, a multiple
medalist of the European championships, Honored Master of
Sports of Russia.

3. childhood

Sergey Tetyukhin Childhood in Fergana. The first coach of the
athlete was his father Yuri Ivanovich, the first team in his career Tashkent "Wings of the East". In 1992, in connection with the
changed socio-political situation and the lack of prospects for the
growth of the player at home, Tetyuhin family decided to move to
Russia, and on the advice of the honored trainer of the USSR Yuri
Furaeva went to Belgorod. Sergei was accepted into the team

4. Russian team

The first official match for the national team Tetyukhin held May
11, 1996 in Beijing. Within the framework of the World League
volleyball Russia that day defeated the Japanese team with a score
of 3: 2. In July - August 1996 in Atlanta acted on the first of his
career Olympic game.
In December 1999, Sergei Tetyukhin won the World Cup and he was
awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports. In 2002, the Russian
team won the World League for the first time and took the silver
medal of the world championship. At the end of the world forum,
Sergei took fourth place in the dispute the most successful players.

5. Olympic Games 2012

Tetyukhin participation at the London Olympics has
been called into question - in spring 2012, doctors
diagnosed him with heart rhythm disturbances, and
only a month before the start of the competition
allowed to resume training. At its fifth Olympics 36year-old Sergey Tetyukhin was one of the most
consistent players of the Russian team on the pitch and
reception; in the key match of the preliminary stage
with the US team scored 21 points, realizing 45% of
attacks. In subsequent matches Tetyuhin went on to
play almost no changes, demonstrating the high quality
of volleyball and the will to win. Russia coach
Vladimir Alekno noted that the yield on feed Tetyukhin
in the end of the third game of the final match with the
Brazilians helped the Russian team to turn the tide of
the emerging unsuccessful fight and ultimately achieve

6. Gold medals Sergey Tetyukhin

1999 Gold medal with cup.svg FIVB World Cup
2002 Gold medal with cup.svg FIVB World League
2011 Gold medal with cup.svg FIVB World Cup
2012 Gold medal with cup.svg Olympic Games


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