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Evgeny Malkin
Alexander Ovechkin
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My idols Evgeny Malkin

1. My idols

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2. Evgeny Malkin


During his first performance in Russian team Malkin held the Junior
World Championships 2003 in Yaroslavl, where he scored 9 points in 6
games and won the bronze medal. The following year, in Minsk he
becomes the champion, and a few months later, he was invited to the
youth team to the World Cup.
At the Youth World Championships
2005 and 2006 he wins the silver
Evgeny Malkin at the 2010 Winter Olympics in
the match against Latvia.


At the level of an adult Evgeny Malkin made his debut in the final
draw of the season 2004/2005 Eurotour. In the first match against
Sweden in Stockholm, with the passing of Alexander Ovechkin, he
scored the winning goal. Together with the Russian national team
Evgeny has won the Euro Hockey Tour-in seasons 2004/2005 and
2005/2006 twice. On May 18, 2010 he had his 50th match in the
national team of Russia.
Evgeny Malkin participated in five
World Championships-2005 in
Austria (where he won a bronze
medal), 2006 year in Latvia, 2007
year in Russia, 2010 year in
Germany, where he won the silver.


At the World Championships 2012 Malkin won the gold medal and was named the
most valuable player of the tournament. At this World Cup, Evgeny was the main
strike force of the Russian team. Playing in one link with raiding "Avantgarde"
Alexander Perezgogin and Alexander Popov, Malkin scored 11 goals in 10 matches
and made 8 assists and also scored 2 hat-tricks
Malkin participated in three Winter
Olympics: in 2006 in Turin, in 2010 in
Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi.

6. Alexander Ovechkin


Aleksandr Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger who currently
plays for the NHL's Washington team. First Ovechkin played in the Super League
for FC Dynamo Moscow. At the American Club, Alexander spent eight seasons in
2010 and became the team's captain.
He was drafted in 2004, becoming the second Russian hockey player after Ilya
Kovalchuk, who was selected as the first number. In January 2008, Ovechkin
signed a 13-year-old Washington contract worth 124 million dollars, becoming the
first hockey player to enter into a contract of more than 100 million.


Alexander made his debut in the NHL in 2005-2006 season, winning the
first season of "Calder Trophy voting”, beating Sidney Crosby. Ovechkin
won the Art Ross trophy in 2008 and three times the Ted Lindsay Award,
the Hart Trophy and the Maurice Richard Trophy. Ovechkin is one of the
few players who repeatedly had over 100 points in 1986 and scored more
than 50 goals in a season. At the end of 2009 Ovechkin entered number 10
and the best NHL players of the Decade.


Ovechkin began playing in the national team of Russia
at the age of 17, becoming the youngest player ever in
its history. In the national team he participated in 8
World Championships and the Olympic Games in
Turin and Vancouver.
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