Kazan innovative university named after V.G. Timiryasov
Nizhnekamsk branch of Kazan innovative university
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Kazan innovative university named after V.G. Timiryasov

1. Kazan innovative university named after V.G. Timiryasov


Kazan innovative University is among the 100 best
universities in the country and was awarded the gold medal
"European quality". The College of Kazan innovative
University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML) took the
third position in the ranking of the best non-state
educational institutions of Russia, training programs of
secondary professional education (SPE).

3. Nizhnekamsk branch of Kazan innovative university

The number of teaching staff is
43 people


There are 3 faculties (psychological, economic and law) and
two departments (linguistic and technology of catering


In each sphere of training lessons are equipped with
modern multimedia technology classrooms.
For foreign languages study the
language laboratories equipped with
modern linguistic equipment and
audiovisual didactic tools are used.


The total Fund of the scientific library of the Nizhnekamsk
branch of the University is about 165 thousand copies of
educational and scientific publications, reference books, industry
The readers of the library have unlimited access to the
resources of the Electronic library system of the Virtual reading
room and the full-text database of theses of the Russian state
library, to the Universal reference and information full-text
database of periodicals.


The “Linguistics“ involves training in profiles:
1) “Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and
cultures“ (qualification “Linguist. Teacher“)
2) “Translation and translation studies“ qualification
(qualification "Linguist. Translator.)»


Students took part in the international seminar
«Innovations in EFL: Methods, Assessment and


In April 2016 Nizhnekamsk
branch of the Kazan
innovative University was
visited by a young lecturer
from the University Talsi
(USA) Morgan Briana


KIU students worked at the international linguistic
camp in the summer of 2016 as counselors and


On February 2017 there took
place the meeting with students of
the branch of the Higher school of
teacher’s training of the
University of Reims in Chaumont


On October 2018 Sophia Arwae, the
teacher of English from the
Kamnoetvidya Science Academy
(Taiwan) visited our university.


The celebration of the
Catholic Christmas at the
Department is traditional.


Students of the Linguistic Department take part in
various competitions
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