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South Kazakhstan State University named after M.O. Auezov (SKSU)




South Kazakhstan State
University named after
M.O. Auezov (SKSU) (
Kazakh M.O. Kuyezov
atyndagy Ontustik
Kazakhstan Memlekettik
University (O (MU) ) (
formerly Kazakh Chemical
Technology Institute , South
Kazakhstan Technical
University ) - state higher
educational an institution in
the city of Shymkent , which
provides training in 76
technical and humanitarian
specialties. Founded in
1943 .


During the height of the Great
Patriotic War, on June 19,
1943, the Council of People's
Commissars of the USSR
decided to establish the
Technological Institute of
Building Materials in
accordance with Resolution
No. 679B. On June 29 of the
same year, the All-Union
Committee for Higher
Education under the USSR
People's Commissariat and the
USSR Commissar for Building
Materials issued an order "On
the organization of the
Technological Institute of
Building Materials in Shymkent,
Kazakh SSR."


The building of the
pedagogical school on
Sovetskaya Street (now
Kazybek Bi) was transferred
to the university. K.A. was
appointed the head of the
newly opened school.
Deliaur, who moved from
Kharkov. In fact, it was he
who made a great
contribution to the opening
of the institute, bringing to
the highest authorities the
need for urgent training of
qualified specialists
required in the construction


Academic Council
Educational-methodical council
Educational and methodical
Registration office
Department of Educational Affairs
Trade union
Alumni Association




There is a faculty and a college
for working with foreign
students. The university has
moved to international
standards of education, has a
three-tier system of credit
technology in the training of
specialists in bachelor's ,
master's and doctoral
programs . The University is
internationally certified in
accordance with ISO 9001:
2000 for educational services
for the training of personnel
with higher professional


The university employs well-known scientists and
specialists, honored workers of education, culture and
sports: 120 - Doctor of Science, 604 - Candidate of Science,
4 Academician of NAS RK , 4 NAS RKAcademician, 1
Academician of the Kazakh Academy of Education, 1
Academician of the International Academy of Pedagogical
Sciences. The best scientists and specialists with practical
experience, scientists from near and far abroad, including
the USA , Germany , Spain , Belgium , Russia are invited to
the educational process.


The material and technical
base of the university
consists of ten modern
educational buildings, six
dormitories and two sports
complexes. The university is
equipped with 457
classrooms, 130 laboratory
classrooms and 46 computer
classrooms. The educational
process uses 1,700
computers, more than half of
which are new computers,
1,200 computers connected
to the Internet. More than
17 thousand students study
in 87 specialties at the
university. 8873 of them
study on state grants.


I live in Uzbekistan. I
would like to
introduce the
university to the 72nd
specialized school and
the Tashkent
Academic Lyceum of
of the National Guard
of the Republic of
"Temurbek School". I
teach there not in
Kazakh, but in Uzbek
and Russian.
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