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The Belarusian State University




I chose BSU because it is the best university in Belarus. There is
a unique specialty associated with mathematics, mechanics and
information technology at the same time. (P.S. by Marina)
BSU is the best university in the country for many reasons:
● Firstly, you can find a huge number of specialties here: from
psychology to physics. All university specialties are in demand
and well paid.
● Secondly, BSU has the opportunity to study with professors
and doctors of sciences.
● Modern education and unique learning technologies are
available here.
● BSU is ranked in one percent of the best universities in the


BSU provides an extensive scientific and
practical base. Students are taught to work
independently and instill an interest in their
chosen profession. Employers appreciate
that all graduates have a wealth of
knowledge and are able to organize their
The founding of BSU became a significant
event in the life of the Belarusian people.
Our university has provided people with such
an opportunity.


BSU was founded in 1921. It was a significant
event for the entire Belarusian people. V. I.
Picheta is the first rector of the university.
Since the beginning, there have been 5
faculties here: agricultural, physical and
mathematical, medical, social sciences and
In the pre-war period, the university
developed. New faculties were opened and
the number of students increased.


The Great Patriotic
War is a difficult
period in the life of
the university. Many
professors and
students went to the
front, and therefore
the work of the
university was


For ten years, BSU has been recovering from these events. Many
educational institutions from Russia helped BSU: they sent
textbooks, equipment and
everything necessary for
studying. Unfortunately,
many people never returned
from the war. Their memory
was honored with the
creation of a memorial
complex. Today, the
university is actively
developing and expanding
its scientific base.


There is an opportunity to get bachelor's
and master's degrees at BSU. The
bachelor's degree is four years long.
Each year is a separate course, which is
divided into two semesters. There are
vacations in between, when students can
Me after the university


The beginning of the semester is the
easiest time for students. It is
enough to go to couples, do homework
and read notes. A session awaits all
students at the end of the semester.
It is necessary to prepare for all
tests and exams. During the session,
students forget what sleep is. After
the successful end of the session,
you will have a long-awaited vacation.


Besides studying at BSU, you
can find a lot of interesting
things. Firstly, sports
activities are developed here.
Students can attend sports
clubs and participate in
Secondly, every student has the opportunity to
engage in scientific activities. The university has
all the necessary equipment for this.


Today, BSU has twenty
faculties and institutes. The
largest faculties are: Law,
Economics, Applied
Mathematics and Computer
Science. At the moment over
twenty thousand students
study at the university, of
which three thousand are
foreigners. All students find
something special in this place
and can develop their talents


BSU has the largest number of international
treaties in the republic. Today, BSU
cooperates with 30 universities in China,
Turkey, Africa, and Latin America, and
cooperation with universities in the Russian
Federation is also developing.
BSU is a coordinator from the Republic of
Belarus in the University Network of the
Central European Initiative (CEI UniNet).
Joint student training activities with
partners from abroad are also actively
developing. For example, in 2017, a Joint
DPU–BSU Institute was opened.


The university has 26 sports improvement groups, the council of
young scientists, the primary trade union organization of BSU
students, the student union, the creative union, and many other
In the future, students may have the
choice of studying at home by using
technology such as computers or television
or of studying at traditional schools,
universities. Which would you prefer?
- I would prefer to study at traditional
universities, they provide basic social
skills that everyone needs.


Students at universities often have a
choice of place to live. They may choose
to live in university halls of residence
(dormitories), or they may choose to
rent a flat or a room. What are the
advantages or disadvantages? Where
would you prefer to live?
- It depends on the conditions of the
hostel and on the person as a whole.
Sometimes living in a student
dormitory is much more fun than
living alone, but many people still
need more personal space.


What was your strongest fear before you began your freshman
year of university?
- Like all freshmen, I was afraid of not making friends with my
classmates, making a mistake with my specialty, or not coping
with my studies. But every day there are fewer and fewer
What's the best advice you would tell a brother/sister or friend
who is now entering university?
- Go to all pairs, choose important subjects, take notes and don't
be afraid of anything.
What is the biggest difficulty in being a university student?
- For me, the biggest difficulty is independent living and everyday


Where can University graduates work?
- BSU has many faculties and graduates of this university work
in completely different fields from programming to biology.
Many of the University graduates have
become famous scientists and writers,
statesmen and public figures, haven’t they?
- Many of the University graduates have
become famous scientists and writers,
statesmen and public figures, haven’t
they? BSU has a huge number of famous
graduates, among them: deputies, doctors
of sciences, professors, academicians, and
this is only a small part.


Do our students have to finance their
own studies?
- The majority of BSU students study
at the expense of the state.
Do all students get grants to study at
our University?
- It depends on the CT score, and
some students have to pay tuition.


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