My idol is FC "Rubin Kazan"
The history of the club
Achievements and awards of ‘’Rubin Kazan‘’
Achievements and awards of ‘’Rubin Kazan‘’
Some interesting facts…
…and statistics
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My idol is FC Rubin Kazan

1. My idol is FC "Rubin Kazan"


2. The history of the club

FC Rubin Kazan is
During the break between 1964-1965
years’ seasons in the history of the
a Russian association football club
based in the Kazan city in the Republic Kazan football club was a significant
event - "Iskra" has changed its name
of Tatarstan.
and became "Rubin". Name of gem
"Rubin" comes from Latin and means
Football club "Rubin" was founded in In 1965, in the first season with a new
1958 on the basis of the Kazan
name Kazan club under coach of Nikolai
aviation factory №22 and was
Sentyabrev won the right to play in the
originally called “Iskra". This company
second group of Class A. In the period
was the permanent sponsor of the
since 1968 till 1970, Victor Kolotov
club until the end of the USSR.
defended the colors of “Rubin", he
became the only player of the club,
which is called in the USSR team


Another landmark date in the
history of the club was the August
4, 2001 - the day when "Rubin" was
headed by Kurban Berdyev. This
specialist led the team for 12 years,
associated with the most successful
years in the 55-year history of the
club. In 2003, the "Rubin" made its
debut in the Premier League and
won bronze medals. In 2008, the
year of its 50th anniversary,
"Rubin" became the first champion
of the country.

4. Achievements and awards of ‘’Rubin Kazan‘’

Domestic competitions
• Russian National Football League:
Winners: 2002
• Russian Premier League:
Winners: 2008, 2009
• Russian Cup:
Runners-up: 2008–09
Winners: 2011–12
• Russian Super Cup:
Runners-up: 2009
Winners: 2010, 2012
Rubin - the champion of Russia in 2008

5. Achievements and awards of ‘’Rubin Kazan‘’

International competitions
• Commonwealth of
Independent States Cup:
Winners: 2010
Non-official Awards
• La Manga Cup:
Winners: 2005, 2006
• Marbella Cup:
Winners: 2012
• Diamonds Cup
2nd place: 2014

6. Some interesting facts…

In 2011 was published a feature-length
documentary "The Team", devoted to
the football club "Rubin" and made in
the genre of "insider" directed by
Murad Aliyev. This is the first movie of
the Russian club in the history of the
national football.
Budget of FC "Rubin" as of 2011
according to unofficial sources
amounted to about US $120 million,
ranked second in the ranking of the
budgets of football clubs "Finance"
"The Team" movie cover

7. …and statistics

Record for the performance of the season in official matches:
Andrei Knyazev - 30 goals in 1997
The longest led the team as head coach Nikolay Sentyabrev - 13
seasons (1958-1971)
The best number of points scored by a team in a championship: 102
in 1997, as a percentage - 85% of the possible number in 1997.
The lowest number of defeats in the championship: 2 in 1997
The best number of goals in one tournament: 88 in 1997
The lowest number of goals conceded in a league: 14 in 2002
The best goal difference in one championship +66 in 1997 (88-22)
Longest unbeaten run: 35 games in a row (since 13.10.1990 till
The longest winning streak in one championship 13 matches in 1997

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