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DVD flash Initialization & Update


DVD flash Initialization & Update
. Checking out MICOM & MPEG flash Version
1) Open DISC-TRAY, Press ‘MENU’ button on the Remote Control,
2) Press ‘8’, ‘9’, ‘5’ one by one, then press ‘ENTER’.
. DVD flash Initialization & Update
1) Prepare a DISC-CD or DVD or USB that contains ‘Z32HTSTX.ROM’ file for Update.
2) Play the DISC or USB, then ‘Updating’ will appear on the screen, then Power will go out and on.
3) Then DISC-TRAY will OPEN, then remove the DISC or USB, making the Unit as ‘NO DISC’ state.
4) Press ‘STOP’ button of Main Unit for more than 5 seconds, Display Indicator shows ‘INITIALIZE’
then Power goes out.
5) Initialization complete.
Connecting USB
TV Display (On Updating)
Update start
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