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My idol: LeBron James

1. My idol:LeBron James



LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball
player who plays in the position of the light and heavy forward
for the NBA team "Cleveland Cavaliers".
James is a three-time NBA champion, three-time most
valuable player of the NBA finals, four-time most valuable
player, NBA most effective player of the regular championship
and rookie of the year. Eleven times was a first team all-star in
the NBA and two more in the second, five times was part of the
team all-star protection, 13 times participated in the all-star
game, where twice voted the most valuable player.
Skipping the training in the University, LeBron was selected in
the draft 2003 under the General first number the team
"Cleveland Cavaliers". In the "Cleveland" James spent 7
seasons. In 2007, the forward led the team to its first final in
history where the "Cavaliers" lost "San Antonio spurs" (0-4). In
two years, "Cleveland" was published in the Eastern
conference finals, where they lost to the "Orlando magic".
During his stay in the "Cavs"

3. professional career

After the end of the last season of LeBron in
high school, his sporting future has been the
subject of constant speculation. Have surfaced
the names of the colleges that he supposedly is
going to do after school. At the same time,
manufacturers of sports equipment — Adidas,
Reebok and Nike fought for the right to
conclude with James a contract for millions of
dollars, which automatically makes him a
professional and denied the opportunity to
continue his athletic career in College. The
competition has reached the point that the
Adidas company is placed in the vicinity of
Akron billboards addressed to James call to
choose this company. When LeBron took part in
the third annual match of all stars scholastic
championship is automatically deprived him of
the opportunity to pursue a career in College.
According to NCAA rules allowed the
participation of graduate in only two such
games sponsored by commercial
Shortly before the draft lottery, which was held
on may 22, James hired agent Aaron Goodwin
and collected

4. Personal bests

3 Mar 2014 in the game against "the
Charlotte Bobcats" James scored 61
points[65], thus becoming the 22nd
player to have passed the 60-point
17, 2015 James became the first player in
NBA history
5 Feb 2015 James set the NBA record
number of assists for the forwards. Now,
on account of the four-time MVP more
than 6142 gear.
Became the second after Michael
Jordan, who made triple double in the
all-star game (2011).
The youngest MVP of all-star game (21
years, 51 days).
January 15, 2016. The experts of ESPN as
a result of long voting chose the Top 100
NBA players of all time
James owns the largest number of titles
of "Best player of the week" - 54 times.
May 20, 2016 LeBron James made the
13th triple-double in the playoffs with at
least 20 points in the account
LeBron James owns three records
playoffs NBA
LeBron James is the only player in the
NBA, which for all history of
performances in the playoffs has a line
of 5000 points, 1500 rebounds and
1,000 assists.
12 consecutive seasons in his career,
withstands line "25+6+6+1". Only Larry
bird and Michael Jordan were able to
do it more than once in four and three
seasons respectively.
In the asset LeBron are 37 meetings in
which he was the leader on all counts
in the knockout round, and it is
absolutely the best result in the
history of the NBA. Second place goes
to Larry bird — 13.

5. personal life

Since high school LeBron is in a
relationship with Savannah, Osceola
center for the. Their relationship
continued after school. On the eve
of new year 2012 and the 27th day
of the birth of James they got
engaged[66]. The wedding took
place September 14, 2013 in San
Diego, in a private ceremony
attended by about two hundred
guests[67]. They have two sons
LeBron James Jr. (06.10.04), Bryce
Maximus James (14.06.07) and
daughter, Sheri James (22.10.14)

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