My idol
Has awards:
Zaripov Danis
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My idol Danis Zinurovich Zaripov

1. My idol

Zaripov Danis
Fulfilled: Student 71110 group
Ibatullin Adel


Danis Zinurovich
Zaripov was born on
March 26, 1981. in
Chelyabinsk, the
USSR. Russian hockey
player, extreme hitter.
Most of the career
played on the left
edge, now on the
right. As part of the
Russian team in 2008,
2009 and 2014 he
became world
champion. The only
four-time winner of
the Gagarin Cup (in
2009 and 2010 - as
part of the Kazan "Ak
Bars", in 2014 and
2016 - in the

3. Has awards:

Honored Master of
Sports of Russia
Chevalier of the
Order of Honor

4. Zaripov Danis


Zaripov is my idol since early childhood. I
watched him play in Ak Bars in 2009. Already
at that time showed a good game. This he
impressed me. I would like to learn how to play
it, but this requires a lot of training.


Danis Zaripov after the early termination of the
disqualification (6 months out of 2 years) for the
positive result of the doping test, on November 23,
2017 returned to the Kazan "Ak Bars". I am very
pleased with this news.
I expect more heads from him and I want to raise the
Gagarin Cup over my head.
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