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The Thanksgiving Story



The Thanksgiving Story
Long ago, in the year 1620, a group of people
called the Pilgrims wanted to live somewhere
they would be free to live how they wanted


The Thanksgiving Story
They decided to sail across the ocean to a new
land called America. They boarded the boat
called the Mayflower and sailed across the


The Thanksgiving Story
They landed on the shore of America at
Plymouth and had to go to work right away
building homes and finding food.


The Thanksgiving Story
Winter was very hard on the Pilgrims and many
died. Many more would have died but a
Native American named Squanto came to
help them.


The Thanksgiving Story
He showed them how to plant corn and other
plants. He showed them which plants they
could use for medicine or food and which
ones were poisonous.


The Thanksgiving Story
That year the harvest was plentiful and they
had enough food for winter. They decided to
celebrate. Governor Bradford declared a day
of prayer and Thanksgiving. They invited the
Indians and they feasted, played games, and
celebrated for three days.
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