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1. Queen

The work was performed by pupil of the 11th
class B Burov Ilya


Queen- are a British rock band that achieved
wide fame in the mid 1970-ies, and one of
the most successful bands in the
history of rock music.


The band released fifteen
Studio albums, five
concert halls and
numerous compilations.
Eighteen hits from the
"Queen" took first place in
the charts in different
countries. Each member of
the group is the author of
at least one hit, reaching
the top of the British
chart. Concerts the group
was also recognized as one
of the most dramatic and
important in the history of

4. The most famous songs of this group

“We will rock you”
“Bicycle race”
“We are the champions”
“The King Rat”
“Killer Queen”
“Flick of the wrist”
“Kind of magic”

5. Group structure

Freddie Mercury. Soloist (1946-1991)
Brian May. Guitar, Vocalist. (B. 1977)
John Deacon.Bass guitar. (B. 1951)
Roger Taylor. Drums, vocals.(B.1949)

6. Interesting facts

-2002 year. The Guinness book of records: best single UK for 50 years
("Bohemian Rhapsody").-In 2006, the Greatest Hits compilation" was
named the best selling album in the UK. In total, the country has sold
5.4 million copies
-In 2006, a Greatest Hits compilation was named the most downloaded
album in the iTunes Store. In General, downloaded 2.27 million times
In2007 over 20 thousand listeners, the BBC chose "Queen" the best
British rock band of all time
The song "We Are the Champions" is recognized as the most popular in
the world.
The group "Queen" won star on the walk of fame in Hollywood for her
achievements and contribution in the field of music.
In 2009, Freddie Мercury topped the ranking: "50 greatest voices of
rock" compiled by the British Classic Rock magazine poll of its readers,
members, rock groups, as well as radio listeners "Rock Planet".

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