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Legendary musical group - Queen


Legendary musical group
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What is Queen?
• Queen is a British rock band that
was popular in the 1970s and
1980s, well known for their hits
such as We are the champions
and Bohemian Rhapsody.


The birth of Queen
• The history of the Queen group
begins in 1964, when Brian May
and Tim Staffel created the group
"1984«. Four years later, they
decided to rename it to «Smile»,
then Roger Taylor appeared in the
lineup. In 1970, Farrukh Bulsara
joined the team, who took the
sonorous pseudonym Freddie


Freddie Mercury (1946–1991)
• Freddie Mercury was a
composer, pianist, guitarist and
co-founder of the rock band
Queen. As a performer, he was
known for his vocal abilities
and flamboyant performances.
He dressed in extravagant
costumes and was an excellent


John Deacon
• John Deacon was the last
to join Queen in 1971.On
several albums, Deacon
performed as a rhythm
guitarist, playing acoustic
guitar and keyboards
during concerts, as well as
in music videos.


Roger Taylor
• Roger Taylor is an English multiinstrumentalist, vocalist and
songwriter. The musical career
of a man started in his youth.
Using a unique style of playing
percussion instruments and a
strong high voice, almost
immediately after the start of his
creative biography, he earned
great fame and a crowd of loyal


Brian May
• Brian is one of the greatest
guitarists and the author of a
number of legendary
compositions. In addition, the
virtuoso musician achieved
success in the field of


Death of Freddie Mercury
• Freddie Mercury died at
his home in London on
November 24, 1991 at
the age of 45 - just four
years after he was
diagnosed with AIDS.


The collapse of the group Queen
• After the death of Freddie
Mercury, the group practically
ceased studio activity: in 1997,
the group, as a trio, recorded a
new single «No-One but You»,
after which John Deacon left
the music business. In 2004,
Brian May and Roger Taylor
revived the group with the
launch of the Queen+ project.


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