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British pop rock band Take That

1. Take That


• Take That is a British pop rock band that has
dominated the national charts for five years.
Their difference from other "boys" groups of
the 1990s was that the participants composed
their own songs. The BBC called Take That
«the most successful British team since The


• The team was formed in 1990 in Manchester and initially performed in
clubs and schools. In a very short time (1993-96), the guys eight times
managed to lead the UK national hit parade, and their single "Back For
Good" (1995) was among the top five songs of the American Billboard Hot
100 chart. Soon after the breakthrough on the American The market for
leaving the group was announced by Robbie Williams, who later became a
very popular solo singer who sold more than 55 million of his discs around
the world. In February 1996, the remaining four members released a
farewell hit cover version of the song "How Deep Is Your Love" by Bee Gees
- and announced the dissolution of the team.
Immediately after this news the UK was swept by a wave of teenage
hysteria that allowed the soloists Gary Barlow and Mark Owen to release a
couple of successful solo hits. Quite quickly, their solo career went downhill
and the team had no news until 2006, when four band members reunited
and released a new single, "Patience". He headed the British charts for four
weeks and became the most commercially successful hit in the band's
history. At the beginning of 2007, they topped the UK charts for the tenth
time, this time with the single "Shine"; The world tour of the reunited team
is scheduled for the middle of the year.
On May 22, 2008 the collective became a laureate of the prestigious music
award Ivor Novello-2008 in the nomination "Best Performance of a Song"
for the single Shine


• Take That became a trio when in September 2014 it
was announced that the group was leaving Jason
Orange. Robbie Williams also did not participate in the
recording of the album. Album III was released on
November 28, 2014 and climbed to the top of the
British chart. Tour in support of the album was held in
the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Austria,
Switzerland and Italy.
The next album Take That, called Wonderland, will be
released on March 24, 2017. Release of the first single
Giants took place on February 17.
Studio albums:
1992 Take That and Party
1993 Everything Changes
1995 Nobody Else
2006 Beautiful World
2008 The Circus
2010 Progress
2014 III
2017 Wonderland
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