University of Manchester
The University of Manchester is divided into four faculties, each sub-divided into schools.
Student life.
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University of Manchester

1. University of Manchester


2. Founding

University of Manchester - this is one of the most important institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom, included in the first line
of the rating of the best universities around the world. The date of foundation of the university is considered in 1824 - in fact it is the date of
the mechanical foundation of the Institute.

3. The University of Manchester is divided into four faculties, each sub-divided into schools.

Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
The Faculty of Engineering and Physical
Sciences comprises the schools of Chemical Engineering
and Analytical Science; Chemistry; Computer
Science; Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental
Science; Physics and Astronomy; Electrical and
Electronic Engineering; Materials; Mathematics;
and Mechanic, Aerospace.


The Faculty of Humanities includes the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures (and
the Schools of Combined Studies; Education; Environment and Development;
Architecture; Languages, Linguistics and Cultures; Law; Social Sciences and
the Manchester Business School.
Faculty of Biological Sciences consists of a single
school. Biological Sciences have been taught at
Manchester as far back as the foundation of Owens
College in 1851. The present school is divided into a
number of sections for research purposes, these
sections comprise: Cellular Systems, Disease Systems,
Molecular Systems, Neuro Systems and Tissue Systems

5. Facts.

5th in the UK and 41st in the world in quality of education
There are 25 Nobel laureates among the teachers and graduates of the
83% of research works carried out at the University are of international
The University library is one of the largest in Europe. It is located in a neoGothic building, which was built in 1900.
Today, almost 40,000 future bachelors and masters study and live here.

6. Student life.

The University of Manchester Students' Union is the
representative body of students at the university and the
UK's largest students' union. It was formed out of the
merger between UMIST Students' Association and University
of Manchester Union when organisations UMIST and the
Victoria University of Manchester merged on 1 October
Unlike many other students' unions in the UK, it does not
have a president, but is run by an 8-member executive
team who share joint responsibility.
The presence of an aqua center, a velodrome, a boat
station and a sports center on campus gives students an
excellent opportunity to have a good rest .


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