Top 10 Universities
10. It is Columbia University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Chicago
UCL (University College London)
Imperial College London
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
University of Oxford
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
Yale University
Yale University
Harvard University
Harvard University
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Top 10 Universities There are the best Universities in the world

1. Top 10 Universities

There are the best Universities in the world

2. 10. It is Columbia University


Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King's College by King
George II of England. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in
New York and the fifth oldest in the United States. For more than 250
years, Columbia has been a leader in higher education in the nation
and around the world. At the core of our wide range of academic
приверженность)to attract and engage (заниматься) the best minds
in pursuit (стремление)of greater human understanding, pioneering
new discoveries and service to society. The University's governance is
directed by the 24-member Board of Trustees (попечительский
совет)and by the University Senate. There are a lot of departments
such as Anatomy and Cell Biology Department, Anesthesiology
Department, Anthropology Department, Biochemistry and
Molecular Biophysics Department, Biological Science Department,
Computer Science Department, Earth and Environment Science
Department, Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology and so
on. Average cost of learning is 37 400 per year


5. 9.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and
educate students in science, technology, and other
areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation
and the world in the 21st century. MIT
is located on 168 acres that extend more than a
mile along the river. Seventy-seven present and
former members of the MIT community have won
the Nobel Prize, including eight current faculty
members. MIT includes 35 departments and 6
schools. Average cost of study is 36000$ per year.
There is a saying among students “there is a
paradise for crazy people and hell for the others ”

8. 8.

University of

9. University of Chicago


Located in the community
of Hyde Park on Chicago’s
South Side, just 15 minutes
from the city center. Our
faculties and students are
change agents. We ask
tough questions, engage the
world around us, and
добывать) knowledge with
rigor (усердие) because we
transformative power of


This University was founded by
Rockefeller in 1980. Present
President of the USA Barack Obama
has taught here. 1At the University
of Chicago, we take seriously our
part in the enormous task of
generating new knowledge for the
benefit of present and future
generations. Our faculty crosses
traditional boundaries to transform
the way we understand business,
economics, history,law, literature,
religion, physics, chemistry,
and biology and medicine, among
other fields. In this spirit of
discovery, we train future
generations of scholars, scientists,
educators, and world leaders. This
University is the first University in
the USA, where women could study.
Average cost of study is 42000 $.

12. 8.

UCL (University
College London)

13. UCL (University College London)

The first worldly (светский)
University in the UK. UCL was
established in 1826 to open up
education in England for the first
time to students of any race, class
or religion. UCL was later the first
English university to welcome
female students on equal terms
with men.
Our founding principles of
academic excellence and
conducting research aimed at
addressing real-world problems
inform our ethnos to this day.


15. 6.

Imperial College

16. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is
a university of world class
scholarship, education and
research in science,
engineering and medicine,
with particular regard to
their application in
industry, commerce and
healthcare. Established in
1907, it is located in the
heart of London. It is
consistently rated among
the United Kingdom's top
three universities


The College has over 3,000
academic and research staff
and almost 14,000 students
from over 120 different
countries. Our reputation
for excellence in teaching
and research in science,
engineering, medicine and
business attracts students
and staff of the highest
international calibre.
Imperial has three
Faculties, of Engineering,
Natural Sciences, Medicine;
the Imperial College
Business School; and a
Humanities Department.
Interdisciplinary research is
promoted through several
Institutes, for example the
Grantham Institute for
Climate Change and the
Energy Futures Lab.

18. 5.

Institute of


The mission of the California
Institute of Technology is to
expand human knowledge and
benefit society through research
integrated with education. We
investigate the most
challenging, fundamental
problems in science and
technology in a
interdisciplinary atmosphere,
while educating outstanding
students to become creative
members of society.
The California Institute of
Technology (commonly referred
to as Caltech)is a private
research university located
in California, United States.
Caltech has six academic
divisions with strong emphases
on science and engineering. Its
124-acre primary campus is
located approximately 11 mi
(18 km) northeast of downtown
Los Angeles.

20. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

21. 4.

University of

22. University of Oxford

Oxford is the oldest university in the
English-speaking world and lays claim
to nine centuries of continuous
existence. As an internationally
renowned (популярный) centre for
teaching and research, Oxford attracts
students and scholars from across the
globe, with almost a quarter of our
students from overseas. More than 130
nationalities are represented among a
student population of over 18,000.
xford is a collegiate university, with 39
self-governing colleges related to the
University in a type of federal system.
There are also seven Permanent
Private Halls, founded by different
Christian denominations. Thirty
colleges and all halls admit students
for both undergraduate and graduate
degrees. Seven other colleges are for
graduates only; one has Fellows only,
and one specializes in part-time and
continuing education.

23. University of Oxford

24. 3.

University of

25. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is
rich in history - its famous
Colleges and University
buildings attract visitors from
all over the world. But the
University's museums and
collections also hold many
treasures which give an exciting
insight into some of the
scholarly activities, both past
and present, of the University's
academics and students.
The University of Cambridge is
one of the oldest universities in
the world and one of the largest
in the United Kingdom. Its
reputation for outstanding
academic achievement is
known world-wide and reflects
the intellectual achievement of
its students.

26. University of Cambridge

here are 31 Colleges in Cambridge.
Three are for women (New Hall,
Newnham and Lucy Cavendish) and
two admit only graduates (Clare
Hall and Darwin). The remainder
house and teach all students
enrolled in courses of study or
research at the University
Each College is an independent
institution. Each College is an
independent institution with its
own property and income. The
Colleges appoint their own staff and
are responsible for selecting
students, in accordance with
University regulations. The
teaching of students is shared
between the Colleges and
University departments. The
average cost of study is about 40
000$ plus 10 000 for living per year.

27. 2.


28. Yale University

Yale University was founded in 1701
as the Collegiate School in the
home of Abraham Pierson, its first
rector. Yale University comprises
three major academic
components: Yale College (the
undergraduate program),
the Graduate School of Arts and
Sciences, and theprofessional
schools. In addition, Yale
encompasses a wide array
of centers and
programs, libraries, museums, and
administrative support offices.
Approximately 11,250 students
attend Yale.

29. Yale University

30. 1.

Harvard University

31. Harvard University

32. Harvard University

Harvard College was established in 1636 by vote of the Great
and General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony, and was
named for its first benefactor, John Harvard of
Harvard is America's oldest institution of higher learning,
founded 140 years before the Declaration of Independence
was signed. The University has grown from nine students
with a single master to an enrollment of more than 18,000
degree candidates, including undergraduates and students
in 10 principal academic units. An additional 13,000
students are enrolled in one or more courses in the Harvard
Extension School. Over 14,000 people work at Harvard,
including more than 2,000 faculty. There are also 7,000
faculty appointments in affiliated teaching hospitals.
Our mission, to advance new ideas and promote enduring
knowledge, has kept the University young. We strive to
create an academic environment in which outstanding
students and scholars from around the world are
continually challenged and inspired to do their best
possible work. It is Harvard's collective efforts that make
this university such a vibrant place to live, to learn, to work,
and to explore. The average cost of study is about 42000$
per year.
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