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Ivy League University


Ivy League University


Ivy League schools are considered
the most sought-after institutions of
higher learning in the country and
around the world. These eight private
Northeastern schools are known for
their highly selective admissions
process, academic excellence and
promising career opportunities for
those who attend. The name
recognition and social prestige don’t
hurt either.


Princeton University
Princeton University, established more than
270 years ago, is the fourth-oldest college in
the country. A world-renowned research
university, Princeton is No. 1 in our National
Universities ranking. Princeton offers firstrate academic resources, from specialized
libraries to state-of-the-art laboratories and
even an art museum on campus.


Harvard University
Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest
institution of higher education in the U.S. and one of
the most selective in the Ivy League. The university
is tied at No. 2 in our National Universities ranking.
As a private research institution, Harvard has more
than 100 research centers on campus.
Harvard includes 13 schools and institutes,
including the top-ranked U.S. medical school and
highly ranked business, graduate education,
engineering and law schools, as well as the John F.
Kennedy School of Government.


Yale University
Yale University is known for its drama and
music programs at the well-regarded Yale
School of Drama. In addition to Yale College
and Yale Graduate School of Arts and
Sciences, the university has 12 professional
schools, including the country’s top-ranked
law school and highly ranked schools of
medicine, management, art and nursing.


University of Pennsylvania
Founded in part by Benjamin Franklin,
the University of Pennsylvania offers a
mixture of world-class liberal arts
coursework and preprofessional education.
Penn has the most international students of
all the Ivy League schools: Of the
undergraduate and graduate population,
12% of students are international and come
from more than 100 countries.


Brown University
Brown University, a private research institution,
embraces an open curriculum to allow students to
design a personalized course of study while
becoming creative thinkers and intellectual risktakers.
This open academic program for undergraduates
comprises rigorous multidisciplinary study in more
than 80 concentrations, such as egyptology and
assyriology; cognitive neuroscience; and business,
entrepreneurship and organizations.
Its highly competitive program in liberal medical
education allows students to complete an
undergraduate degree and a medical degree in a
single eight-year program.


Cornell University
Founded in 1865 and the youngest Ivy
League school, Cornell University has a
mission to discover, preserve and disseminate
knowledge, to produce creative work, and to
promote a culture of broad inquiry
throughout and beyond the Cornell
community. Each of Cornell’s seven
undergraduate colleges and schools admits its
own students and provides its own faculty,
even though every graduate receives a degree
from Cornell University.


Columbia University
Located on the Upper West Side of
Manhattan, Columbia University is the oldest
institution of higher education in the state of New
York. Columbia is the birthplace of many significant
technologies and platforms, including FM radio, the
nation’s oldest literary magazine, the first Black
student advocacy group on a multiracial campus and
the first college gay rights advocacy group. The
university is made up of three undergraduate schools:
Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of
Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of
General Studies.


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