Higher education and its opportunities
Types of educational institutions
Levels of higher education
Moscow State University
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Oxford University
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Which institute should I choose?
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Higher education and its opportunities


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2. Higher education and its opportunities

Higher education gives a person the necessary amount of
specialized knowledge in a particular field. While studying at a
university, a person receives additional knowledge in related
fields, without which no truly literate and educated person can
do today. Very often, for young people, higher education is an
opportunity to find themselves. Higher education increases the
level of general development and literacy. The availability of
higher national diploma courses increases competitiveness in
the labor market.

3. Types of educational institutions

Higher education abroad can be obtained at
colleges, institutes, universities. In Russia, higher
education can be obtained only in universities,
academies, institutes. Both in Russia and in some
foreign countries, the Bologna system is used. It
divides education into baccalaureate degree,
master's degree and graduate school.

4. Levels of higher education

Higher education abroad has a multi-level structure. Higher
education both in Russia and in Europe is implemented in
bachelor's and master's degree programs. These are successive
stages: baccalaureate degree programs take, on average, 4
years, after which graduates receive a baccalaureate degree and
can practice according to their chosen profile, however, there is
an opportunity to continue their education on master's degree
programs, which last, on average, 1 year in European
universities and 2 years in Russian ones. There is also a third
stage of higher education in Russia and Europe graduate school.
Those who plan to make a career in science or in teaching
usually enter the third stage.

5. Moscow State University

Moscow State University
(MSU) is one of the oldest
and largest classical
universities in Russia, one
of the centers of Russian
science and culture, located
in Moscow. The opening
took place in 1755. Alexey
Mikhailovich Argamakov
was the first director. Viktor
Antonovich Sadovnichy has
been the rector since 1992
and is currently the rector.
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev and
Nikolai Nikolaevich Semenov are among
the many outstanding graduates. The
faculties most in demand among MSU
applicants are the Faculty of Mechanics
and Mathematics, the Faculty of
Computational Mathematics and

6. Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State
Technical University –
Bauman Moscow State
Technical University, Russian
National Research University,
Research Center. The school
was opened in 1832. The full
course of study was six years,
consisting of three
preparatory classes and
three workshops.
V. I. Grinevetsky became the first rector. At
the moment, the rector is Mikhail Gordin.
One of the most famous graduates is
Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev, a Soviet
scientist and aircraft designer. The most
popular faculties are Aerospace and
Engineering Technologies.

7. Oxford University

Oxford University is a
British university in
Oxford, England. One
of the oldest
universities in the
world. The exact date
of the founding of the
University of Oxford is
unknown, but studies
at Oxford were
conducted as early as
The head of the university was (and
still is) the Chancellor. Margaret
Thatcher, Theresa May, Bill Clinton
and many others were graduates of
this university. The most popular
majors at Oxford are law, design,
Biology, biomedicine, Economics,
history, IT, humanities, chemistry.

8. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private
research institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The world
leader in the field of exact sciences and technologies. MIT was
officially incorporated in Massachusetts in 1861. MIT moved to
Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1916. William Barton Rogers,
founder and first president of the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. Some of the famous alumni are David Scott
(astronaut) Jose Figueres Ferrer (President of Costa Rica) and so
on. The most popular MIT faculties are the Faculty of
Mechanical Engineering, Architecture.

9. Which institute should I choose?

If I had the opportunity to
choose any university from the
world, then I would choose the
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology. This institute is the
best in the world. It has many
advantages, such as: financial
support and grants, housing,
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