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University of Manchester


University of
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The University of Manchester is one of the most important higher education institutions in the UK.
The date of Foundation of the University is considered to be 1824.
Today, the University is in the third place among UK universities for the number of Nobel prizes
received by employees or alumni of the University.



Today there are over 40
thousand students and staff
of the University numbers
about 10 thousand
employees. Moreover, the
competition in the
University of Manchester is
the highest in the country,
and the University ranked
fifth globally according to
the level of demand for its


Today, the University of Manchester
offers received training in four faculties:
medical faculty, the faculty of
Humanities, faculty of life Sciences
(science) in the faculty of engineering
and physical Sciences.


Accommodation during study
First-year students are guaranteed accommodation on campus. In total, the university
offers its students more than 9,000 residential facilities (rooms, apartments, apartments).
Accommodation is possible on the terms of full or partial self-service (cleaning, cooking).
Events of The University of Manchester
The University leads an active social life. Students are offered creative and sports classes
at the university. Those who wish can focus on social, volunteer activities. Fans of
educational pastime will find a lot of exciting excursions around Manchester and England.
Entertainment activities will not allow students to get bored in the evenings and on


Facilities and equipment of The University of Manchester
The University of Manchester owns a compact campus near the city center. It unites
educational, civic, and sports infrastructure. The university buildings are equipped with modern
classrooms, laboratory centers, computer classes. Wi-Fi is available on site. The pride of the
university is a rich library. It is one of the largest in the UK. John Rylands has more than 4
million printed books in its vaults. The electronic library collection exceeds 200,000 copies.
There are also public buildings, cafes, restaurants, shops on the campus. Special attention of
students is attracted by sports infrastructure facilities. The University of Manchester has several
sports centers, a velodrome, an aquatic center, and a boat station. The campus is also equipped
with a sports town with playing fields and playgrounds, courts, recreation areas.



The structure of the University includes one of the
largest libraries in Britain, which houses more than
4 million books and various publications. The
number of computers for students in the University
area is one of the biggest in Europe.


Almost all the students of the University of
Manchester in the annual surveys indicate
that they are satisfied with the quality of
education. Foreigners account for almost half
of all students here, which indicates the high
popularity of Universities in the world.


Advantages of The University of Manchester
This is a prestigious multidisciplinary university, which offers a huge range of educational
Interdisciplinary training is practiced at the University of Manchester. Students have the
opportunity to attend optional classes that are not included in the specialization program. This
contributes to the comprehensive development of the personality of students
University of Manchester diplomas are quoted in many countries of the world
The educational programs offered at the faculties of the university are practice-oriented
The University is among the most athletic educational institutions in the country. Excellent
conditions have been created here not only for studying, but also for physical development.



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