Independent work
Nazarbayev university
About Nazarbayev university
Partnerships with International Schools
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Independent work. Nazarbayev university

1. Independent work

Theme: At the institute
Done by: Embergenov N. S
Checked by: Kosbatyrova N. B
Faculty: General Medicine
Group: 104-B
Almaty 2015

2. Nazarbayev university

3. Plan:

1. About Nazarbayev university
2. Academics
3. Partnerships

4. About Nazarbayev university

Nazarbayev university is an autonomous research university
located in Astana, the national capital of Kazakhstan.
Founded as a result of the personal initiative of the
President of Kazakhstan ,Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2010, it
is an English-medium institution with an international
faculty and staff.

5. Academics

The university currently consists of six schools: the school
of Engineering, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
the school of science and Technology. The school of
Medicine is expected to open in 2015, and a School of
Mining is currently being considered. Nazarbayev
university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduete

6. Partnerships

Nazarbayev University has partnerships with a number of
internationally recognized and respected institution. Each
school in the university has one or more partner
institution, with which it works on issues of curriculum
and programmed design, student admissions, faculty
recruitment, and quality assurance.
Chairman of the Board of «Samruk-Kazyna» JSC Umirzak
Shukeev and rector of the Nazarbayev University Shigeo
Katsu signed memorandum of cooperation in September,
2014. In order to implement this Memorandum the sides
will develop a five-year roadmap.

7. Partnerships with International Schools

School of Engineering partner is University College London
School of Humanities and Social Sciences partner is University
of Wisconsin-Madison.
School of Science and Technology partner is Carnegie Mellon
Graduate School of Business partner is Fuqua School of
Business at Duke University.
Graduate School of Public Policy partner is Lee Kuan Yew
School of Policy of the National University of Singapore.
Graduate School of Education partners are: Cambridge
University and University of Pennsylvania.
School of Medicine partner is the University of Pittsburgh.


1. Where is located Nazarbayev university?
a) Astana; b) Almaty; c) Shymkent; d) Turkistan
2. How many schools does university consist of?
a) 7; b) 8; c) 6; d) 5
3. When is expected opening of Medicine school?
a) 2014; b) 2013; c) 2015; d) 2012
4. When did chairman of “Samruk-kazyna” and rector of the
university sign a memorandum of cooperation?
a) Katsu; b) Samsung; c) Yamaha; d) Katahi
5. Which university is partner of school of Medicine?
a) University of Pittsburgh; b) Cambridge; c) Carnegie
Mellon University; d) University of Wisconsin-Madison


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