The Teacher’s Profession
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The Teacher’s Profession

1. The Teacher’s Profession


One of the most important decisions in life is
the choice of a profession. This problem is
compounded by the fact that it is necessary to
solve it very early, still not at a completely
conscious age.


The graduates of schools, in addition to their
loads of the study of subjects and passing
exams, should determine accurately their
future profession.


Since childhood I have dreamed of becoming a
teacher. Initially, it was an unconscious desire,
because my grandmother was an elementary
school teacher, and I always envied her.


I consider her a real celebrity, lots of students
from her previous classes of graduates came
to visit her, their parents always addressed
respectfully and lovingly to her, she often
returned home with bouquets of flowers. It
was so interesting for me to attend her school
activities and interact with her students.


I understand that the noble and timeconsuming work of a teacher is not highly
valued in the country, salaries are small, the
environment at work is far from being
favourable and the profession requires
constant dedication


But I believe that doing things you love, and
not just making a career, can bring excellent


A good teacher must possess many qualities:
to be creative, hard -working, self-restrained,
able to solve problems and make the right


I hope that I will succeed and I will never be
disappointed about my choice
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