My future profession
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My future profession

1. My future profession

Выполнила: Паначева Ксения, ПОСО 206


• Now a question of what my future profession will
seems to me very important and demanding the
exact answer. The earlier you will be defined as
whom you will work, the it will be easier to
achieve in this case success


• In the future I want to become a lawyer


• The lawyer is a specialist in interpretation and
application of laws, law enforcement in activity of
public authorities, enterprises, institutions,
officials and citizens, to opening and
establishment of the facts of offenses, definition
of a measure of responsibility and a punishment of
the guilty, rendering legal aid to the population.


• As we live in the constitutional state, lawyers in it
are very demanded. Continually there are disputes
which need to be resolved fairly and under the


• I often notice that I can easily settle the conflicts
between different people, having penetrated into
an essence of their problem. I like to think out
conflict solutions.


• The legal condition of our society, the legal
structure of the state attracts strong interest of me.
It gives pleasure to me to compare operations of
different laws and therefore I think that I will suit
the lawyer's profession


• I am sure that in order that was to all comfortably
in our society, life in it has to be under
construction on the basis of laws and accurate


• The lawyer can hold different positions: notary,
prosecutor, judge, lawyer, etc.


• Besides, in the modern world with his numerous
problems: individual, group, state and
international disputes really specialized shots are
extremely necessary for their decision


• I am attracted in this profession also by the fact
that to it is trained in all higher education
institutions and colleges of our country


• The profession of the lawyer in itself is already
considered prestigious. They are held in respect
and have the mass of advantages in society.


• Lawyers have a possibility of excellent career
development. The majority of the leading and
highly paid positions of the country demand legal
education. Having so started the career, you as a
result by persistent work and continuous selfimprovement can grow to the Attorney-General or
the judge of arbitration court. It is for this purpose
important to have faultless reputation, successful
high-profile cases and to make a lot of efforts .


• I understand that at us in the country there is a lot
of lawyers, the competition among them big, but,
as well as in any business, professionals are
highly appreciated and have advantage. Therefore
I will need to put a lot of effort and time and to try
to become the real pro to occupy the niche in
career and the worthy place in life.


• I want to bring benefit to society in which I live,
because if we solve all disputes and the conflicts
in a civilized way and under the law, then it will
become better for all to live. I am confident in it.


• My future profession inspires me. Every day in
educational institution for me, as if a holiday.
Daily I fill up the knowledge in this sphere: I
study laws, charters, I argue, I think - it is so
healthy and fine!


• The lawyer has to be the person of honor, justice.
I like my profession the fact that I can help the
persons, in it needing. Communication with
different people and desire to solve their vital
problem gives me pleasure.


• Everyone, probably, knows how many it is
necessary forces and work to achieve the
desirable. But only those who don't give up at the
first difficulties failures - reach the. The main
thing - to believe in the forces, knowledge and
everything will turn out in this hard profession.


• It is hard for the beginning lawyer. The main thing
- persistent work, desire, work on.


• Thus, work of the lawyer seems personally to me
the most important and necessary in my life and
life of all other people. Our general dream - to live
in amicable and, of course, legal society
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