Bahmutsk Industrial Technical School
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Bahmutsk Industrial Technical School

1. Bahmutsk Industrial Technical School



"Sectoral engineering" ("Maintenance and repair of
equipment of metallurgical enterprises") - the term
of training - 3 years 10 months;


The mechanics are specialists in the repair of equipment in
the metallurgical, machine-building, enterprises of all forms
of ownership, which can occupy the primary posts of the
mechanic of the shop, the repair technician, the technical
control expert, the repair technician, the technique on the
instrument, the engineering designer, the mechanization
technique labor-intensive processes.


"Power industry, electrical engineering’’ (Installation
and operation of electrical equipment of enterprises
and civil constructions") - duration of training – 3
years 10 months;


Graduates of this specialty can work in the processing
industry, mechanical engineering, production of electric,
electronic and optical equipment; manufacture and
distribution of electricity, gas and water, construction,
the service sector, on the position of electrician of
section, technician electrician Manager electrical
substation, electrical installations of area, technician,
commissioning and testing, a technician.


"Chemical technology and engineering" ("Production
of refractory nonmetallic and silicate materials and
products") - a term of training is 3 years and 6 months;


Specialists in this field can work in the field of technology of
refractory nonmetallic and silicate materials and products;
at enterprises for the production of refractory, ceramic, glass,
products; carry out analysis, coordinate technological
processes, apply professional knowledge and practical skills
in the field of physical and colloidal chemistry for physical
and chemical processes.


"Economics" ("Business Economics") - the
term of studies - 3 years;


Economists are experts prepared for planning, analytical,
and financial activity in various spheres of the economy.
His knowledge and professional skills can be realized at
the positions of inspectors at prices, production
controllers, timekeeper, employees of economic and
planning departments.


"Finance, Banking and Insurance"
("Finance and Credit") - the term of
training is 3 years.


The younger specialists of this specialty may work in
financial institutions, banking, control and audit service,
enterprises of all forms of ownership, primary
Accountant, Accountant-Auditor, Cashier, Credit
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