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University of Alabama


University of Alabama
Founded in eighteen thirty one
American university located in Tuscaloosa,
Alabama. It is one of the oldest and largest of the
universities in Alabama. Alabama State
University offers degree programs in 13 academic
divisions leading to bachelor's, master's,
education specialist, and doctoral degrees. The
university houses the only law school in the state.
Academic programs not available elsewhere at
the University of Alabama include doctoral
programs in anthropology, library and
information studies, metallurgy, music, Romance
languages, and social work.


The University of Alabama has thirteen academic divisions, eight of which provide bachelor's degree opportunities.
The Master's, Specialist's and Doctor's degrees in these eight departments are awarded after studies at the Graduate
School. Medical students study at the School of Medicine, after which they receive their degree.
In total, five hundred and seventy-three full-time study programs and eighty-seven distance learning programs are
available for study at the University of Alabama. By the number of student students, the most popular faculties are
(the percentage is indicated relative to all students of the university): twenty nine percent - business, management,
marketing and related disciplines, twelve percent - communications, journalism and related disciplines, nine
percent - areas related to health, eight percent - education, eight percent is engineering.


UA is home to several museums, cultural sites and historical monuments.
The Alabama Museum of Natural History at Smith Hall showcases Alabama's rich natural history. The strangest
artifact may be the Silakoga meteorite, the largest known extraterrestrial object that struck a survivor. The Paul W.
Bryant Museum houses memorabilia and exhibits dedicated to the history of UA sports programs, primarily the work of
football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. Sports trophies and awards are on display at the Small Sports Complex, named after
the former athletic director of the university, near the Bryant Museum. The Sarah Moody Art Gallery in Garland Hall
hosts constantly updated exhibitions of contemporary art, including from the university's own permanent collection.
The Ferguson Art Gallery at the University of Alabama Student Center also hosts constantly updated art exhibitions.
The Jones Archaeological Museum in Moundville showcases the cultural history of Mississippi in Alabama.
Alabama Museum of Natural History
Paul W. Bryant Museum


The University of Alabama is classified as "R1: Doctoral Universities - Very high research activity". It is a large
four-year mostly residential university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Four years
of full-time study make up the majority of university students. The undergraduate curriculum focuses on professional
study programs as well as the humanities, and there is a high level of coexistence between the Master's and
Bachelor's degree programs. The University has a very high level of research activity and has a "comprehensive
doctoral" curriculum for graduates in the field of humanities, humanities and social sciences. health sciences (medical
school) and STEM fields.


The official name of the institution is the University of Alabama; the official abbreviation is UA. The university's
location city should be added to the university's name to distinguish it from the sister universities of the Alabama
University System (University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Alabama at Hunstville), but strictly this
is only in relation to the last two, opened in the XX century.
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