2. Spring Core
Maven Goals
Maven Advantages
Build process
Maven Repositories
Install maven
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2. Java Spring Core 2. Maven

1. 2. Spring Core

2. Maven

2. Maven Goals

• Maven is a build automation tool used
primarily for Java projects:
– the software project being built description
– its dependencies on other external modules
and components
– the build order
– directories
– and required plug-ins
01.01.2017 0:33
Victor Mozharsky

3. Maven Advantages

OS independence
Dependencies management
Project can be built from a command line
High level of IDE integration
Declarative project description
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Victor Mozharsky

4. Build process

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Victor Mozharsky

5. Maven Repositories

• Maven dynamically downloads Java
libraries and Maven plug-ins from one or
more repositories such as the Maven 2
Central Repository, and stores them in a
local cache
• This local cache of downloaded artifacts
can also be updated with artifacts created
by local projects
01.01.2017 0:33
Victor Mozharsky

6. Install maven

• Download Apache Maven from
• Unzip downloaded file to some folder
01.01.2017 0:33
Victor Mozharsky
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