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Сибирский государственный университет телекоммуникаций и информатики




Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics - university in
Novosibirsk, engaged in the training of specialists in the field of
telecommunications and informatics. SibSUTIS was founded in 1953. SibSUTIS
provides training at various levels - bachelors, masters and PhDs. SibSUTIS
considered a major scientific and educational center for training specialists in the
field of telecommunications and informatics in Siberia and the Far East, also
university trained students from many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and


Six faculties of full-time students and faculty of distance learning, together with
branches SibSUTI prepare students for work in the fields of communications, radio
and computer. At the university there are 6 full-time study faculties, external faculty
and the distance learning department.
Faculty automatic telecommunication (AES)
Faculty of multiservice telecommunication systems (MTS)
Faculty of Mobile Radio and Multimedia (MRM)
Faculty of Informatics and Computer Technology (IVT)
Faculty of Engineering and Economics (IEF)
Faculty of Humanities (HF)


The university has branches in Yekaterinburg, Khabarovsk and Ulan-Ude,
Novosibirsk - Novosibirsk College of Telecommunications and Informatics.
4 professors SibSUTIS have honorary title "Honored Worker of the Russian
Federation, Higher School" .Prepodavateli SibSUTIS authored dozens of books
and monographs, and actively participate in international symposia held in the
United States, Japan, Germany, Turkey and other countries, as well as in
international organizations that are leaders in the field of communication.
SibSUTIS Recor - Belenkiy Valeriy Grigorevich


University consists of 4 buildings which are located next to each other and a new
building constructed near Siberia's largest library (GPNTB).


Traditions of SibSUTIS: I remember only two traditions after being SibSUTIS
student for 2 years: initiation of first year students passing through the night from
August 31 to September 1 on the embankment of the river Ob. And traditional
celebrations on the streets after the Spring Festival, when, after a presentation by
each faculty, students from different faculties gather outside on Voshod Street,
near the university there they drink and sing and drink again whole night
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