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ВПР. I’d like to describe picture/ photo


• I’d like to describe picture/ photo № 1.
In the picture I can see a (man, a boy, a woman, a girl).
I think / suppose/ guess he/ she is
- in the (classroom, garden, forest, skating rink, car, park)
- At the stop, at the lesson, at the stadium, at the exhibition,
at the concert
The girl/ boy/ man/ woman in the picture is having fun, is
playing, writing, singing, sitting, is lying, is thinking, is looking
at the camera, is working, is listening to music, is running.
He/she is (rather, quite,fairly,very) beautiful/handsome.
He/she is tall/not very tall and slim/stout. She/he has (rather,
quite,fairly,very) long/short dark/blond hair, a
beard/moustache. He/she is wearing glasses.
I like this picture because it is a professional photo and I’m
interested in photography./ I like this picture because I also
enjoy reading, playing, sports.
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