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Eton College


Eton College


Eaton - college - is a high school. It is located in the town of Eaton 25
west of central London. The city stands on the banks of the Thames, and on the
shore stands the main country residence of the Royal Family - Windsor
Castle. He founded the college in 1440, King Henry VI, the one in which
War has started between the White and Scarlet Rose. The one who was killed
with a dagger in the back
supporter of Lancaster when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Every
year, in late May,
students Eaton come to London to lay white flowers in one tower
inside the fort, where it happened. I must say that Eton College was founded,
to accept in the wall 70 students from poor families. Only in the 17th century it
has become a prestigious and expensive. But the tradition is preserved - here
today learning 1200
paying for training young men and 70 so-called royal fellows
and students do not know which of them is who.


Monument to the
founder flaunts
in the spacious
the main college


At Eton, children learn from 13 to 17 years old. However,
everything else: and reception conditions,
and schedule and curriculum, and leisure, and the fee for
training - on public schools do not seem to. For admission to
Boy at the age of 11 years must pass a psychometric test, and at
the age of 13 - the entrance examination. Tuition fees at Eton
College, 10
plus times the cost in public schools - about 30 thousand
pounds or 50 thousand dollars a year - that's not counting the
additional lessons.


Eton College --board school for boys is
quite strict rules, but opportunities. For
the convenience of students, each
student is given a private room in the
hostel, which can be undeveloped at his
request. And feed the children, both in
the central dining room and in the dining
rooms of hostels.


The high level of academic performance is achieved here in the first
all due to the large number of teachers - by 1270 students have to
140 teachers. Moreover, because of the high tuition fees Eton College Eton
kolledzh- has the ability to hire the best British teachers. But this
not all. As in the most prestigious British universities Oksfordskomi
Cambridge, Eton each student attached a teacher who
It plays the role of an individual mentor, the so-called "tyutor".


Every student - a separate room, no luxury, all
there is a folding metal bed, a couch and a desk.
You are required to wear a school uniform: Anklelong dark coats, vests, white
shirts and dark trousers in fine stripes. Teachers go
cloaks, like those worn by professors at Oxford and
Cambridge. The rise in
school at 8am. After breakfast, begin a 40-minute
lessons, followed by
extracurricular activities and games. By 6 pm the
student should return to the living
body, and then he has no right to go beyond the
school. At 9:30
evening - going to bed.



Eton College Pupils receive an excellent education: many are
strong in music, art, some breathtakingly play musical
instruments ... A special role is given to the sport at Eton,
there emerged the so-called cult sport. Many sports grounds
equipped with "the latest technology" and allows students to
express themselves in football and rugby, hockey and
rowing, athletics and much more. All components of the
teaching, whether it is training or physical education, allow
your child to bring up harmoniously developed personality.
It is safe to say that graduates of Eton open the road to the
most prestigious universities in the UK. If we look at the
statistics, 99% of graduates are university students, and a
third of them - Oxford and Cambridge students. Education in
England - this is usually the key to successful and
prestigious career.
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