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University of Cambridge


University of Cambridge
Shuraeva Ekaterina


One of the most famous universities in the
world is the University of Cambridge.
But Cambridge is not only the name of the
university. First of all, it is an ancient city
with its own unique history. It got its name in
honor of the river on the banks of which it is
located - Kem.


The history of the university begins in 1209.
The great scientists from the city of Oxford,
having quarreled with the local population,
left it. Soon they decided to stop in Cambridge
and form their own educational institution.


At the very beginning, the main subjects of this
university were religion, philosophy,
mathematics and logic.
Later this list was supplemented by the


The University of
Cambridge is made up of
In 1980, there were 31
colleges, of which 16
were old and 15 were


Upon admission, each
student is required to
undergo a rite of
matriculation, which
consists in pronouncing
the student's oath in
Latin in front of the
chancellors of the


Benefits of studying at the
University of Cambridge
• Funding opportunities.
Although Cambridge is considered one of the
most expensive educational institutions in the
world, its students (masters, researchers) can
apply for scholarships that cover part of the
costs, and sometimes the full cost of tuition and
• AvAilAbility oF hostels.
The University of Cambridge provides a hostel
for the entire duration of study, while most
British universities offer campus accommodation
only for first-year students.


• librAry resources.
The University of Cambridge has a huge network
of libraries - 114 regular and one central
university library, which stores more than 8
million different books, magazines, documents
and even manuscripts up to 3000 years old.
The library policy is very loyal - you can take
any of the books to the campus or study in the
library itself around the clock, which is very
important for the busy schedule of Cambridge


z Sport occupies a special place in the life of Cambridge students,
therefore, several sports complexes operate on the territory
of the university (fitness rooms, gyms, weightlifting rooms),
there are stadiums for playing football, baseball, rugby, as
well as playgrounds for playing basketball and golf, tennis
court and more. Rowing is the most popular sport among
Cambridge University students.
Quite often, rowing competitions are held between colleges and
faculties of the university, and in May the University team of
Cambridge competes with the main opponent - the team of Oxford


The University of Cambridge is not only an
educational institution, but also a
powerful research center with many
laboratories and classrooms.
On the territory of the university there is
one of the largest libraries in the world,
the Botanical Garden, the Museum of
Archeology and Anthropology, the
Zoological Museum, the Fitzwilliam Art
Museum, the Institute of Polar Research. R.
Scott and many other attractions.
In addition, the University of Cambridge
boasts majestic architectural


The University of Cambridge is world
renowned for its conservatism and
One of the funniest was the tradition
of giving a wooden spoon to the
student with the lowest score.
After its 700-year existence, it ended
in 1909, when student K. Holthouse was
presented with a huge wooden spoon
the size of an oar.


Cambridge University is especially famous for its success in the bosom of the
exact sciences and medicine.
No other university in the world has given the planet as many Nobel Prize
winners as Cambridge.
88 graduates and teachers of the university received this prestigious
academic award. 29 of them received prizes in physics, 25 in medicine, 21 in
chemistry, 9 in economics, 2 in literature and one in peace. Famous scientists
of the Middle Ages such as Isaac Newton and Francis Bacon studied here.
It was in Cambridge that the creators of modern nuclear physics, Lord E.
Rutherford, N. Bohr and J. R. Oppenheimer, worked, taught and did research.
In addition to the amazing success in the exact sciences, Cambridge is also
famous for its achievements in politics: 15 prime ministers of Great Britain
and 25 heads of government of other countries have studied at Cambridge.
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