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1. sirens.

Sirens are one of the most famous
monsters from Greek mythology. Sirens
are also known in the modern world
thanks to numerous films , books, comics,
and games that refer to ancient Greek
history in a mythological way. Let's look
at them through a magnifying glass.


the gods turned sirens into birds for
their desperate search for the missing
goddess, since Zeus himself allowed
his brother to kidnap her. Or did
Aphrodite cast the curse because they
rejected marriage


Sirens are first mentioned in the Odyssey. They were told
that they would certainly die if a single ship passed them
and its crew remained alive. Therefore, the sirens
regularly drowned everything that floated by. But the
ship of Odysseus passed by , which filled the crew's ears
with wax , and ordered itself to be tied to the mast, and
the beautiful creatures perished. They threw themselves
into the sea and turned into cliffs.


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