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The first cosmonaut of the Earth


Presentation prepared
Kishkeneev Erlan
student group D-27


• . Soviet pilot-cosmonaut,
Hero of the Soviet Union,
holder of the highest
distinctions of the
several States, honorary
citizen of many Russian
and foreign cities.
• 12 April 1961 Yuri
Gagarin became the first
man in world history,
flew into outer space


• Gagarin was born March 9, 1934 in one of the districts
of the Smolensk region.
• Today, the area has a proud name – "Gagarin".
• Mother and father were conventional farmers. From an
early age, they instilled in his son a love of the
Motherland, diligence, perseverance in deeds and
• Cost the Jura to go to school as the Great Patriotic War.
During the war, the village was subjected to
• After the liberation of Smolensk from the German
invaders, he continued his studies at the school.
• After graduating from school, moved Gagarin in
Lyubertsy near Moscow, where he began training at a
vocational school, specialty molder – caster, from
which he graduated with honors. At the same time Yuri
Alekseyevich study in the evening school youth.



• Soon moved to Saratov, where he continued his
studies in the industrial College.
• In 1955 he graduated from College and began to
learn at the flying club.
• Made its first flight on YAK - 18, and decided to
bind the further life with high flying.
• Yury Alekseevich has flown more than 40 hours,
having made 196 flights.
• Gagarin continues to "travel" around the country
and travels to Orenburg, where he entered the
local military aviation school. After completing
the course with honors, goes to serve in the



• In 1960, Gagarin begins the "path to the
astronauts". He was enlisted in the cosmonaut
detachment to the number of pilots who had
excellent skills of controlling an aircraft.
Requirements for candidates (there were 20 of
them) high and hard.
• Health must be excellent, endurance and
discipline, excellent knowledge and skills at a high
• Yuri A. he graduated from the training course.
Soon, the government has formulated the task
for the astronauts, and on April 12, 1961 Yuri
Gagarin began to perform from the Baikonur





• This day will forever go down in the history of all
mankind. On this day in Earth orbit was first
launched spacecraft "Vostok", which was people.
• Space pioneer in the history of mankind, was
none other than Yuri Gagarin. His understudy was
appointed German Titov.
• Yury Alekseevich has successfully coped with the
task. 1 hour and 48 minutes he scoured the Earth,
and successfully completed the flight landing in
the village of Smelovka that in the Saratov region.
• For the flight on the Voskhod spacecraft, Gagarin
was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet
Union, Hero of Socialist labor and order of Lenin.




• For the first flight into Space, Gagarin received the
most important – national recognition and love of the
common people. Yuri became very popular and was
elected an honorary citizen in such cities as Smolensk,
Novocherkassk, Sevastopol, Saratov, Kaluga, Vinnitsa.
• Loved him and abroad he was made an honorary
citizen in Pernik, Limassol, Greenhouse, Athens.
• In the future, Gagarin spent his socio-political work,
but did not forget about the flights.
• Yuri was Deputy Head of the cosmonaut training
• Two times was selected the Deputy, was a member of
the Central Committee of the Komsomol.
• Yuri Gagarin was the holder of many Soviet and foreign
awards and diplomas.



• Yuri died tragically in a plane crash March 27, 1968 (34
• Was performing a training flight, it turned out that the
plane crashed in area of Vladimir region. The tragic
death of Gagarin was a big blow and irreparable loss to
society. Yuri buried on red Square.
• The cause of death of the astronaut voiced by Alexei
Leonov, in 2013, that all these years he conducted an
investigation and calculations.
• In the sky were two aircraft (the other aircraft was not
supposed to be there), not to face and not to get into
eddy-trail, Gagarin was forced to make a sudden
maneuver. But an attempt to bring the aircraft to a
height that unfortunately did not happen.
• Yuri Gagarin's name will live as long as mankind lives.
His name is given to streets, squares and schools.
• In several cities there is a monument to the Great
astronaut, there's a Museum dedicated to Yuri Gagarin.


18. Interesting facts.

• Yuri liked to collect cacti.
• On the reverse side of the moon has a crater
named after Gagarin.
• In hockey khkl the most prestigious award the Cup and not the League title.
• Before the flight, Yuri Gagarin wrote a letter to
the families, just in case. It then was given to
the wife, after the tragic death.
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