Constitutional Law of RK
Major Sources of Constitutional Law of RK
Concept of Constitution
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Constitutional Law of RK

1. Constitutional Law of RK

• Constitutional Law of RK is a special
system of fundamental principles and rules
that govern the most important social
relations such as:
– Legal Status of Individuals;
– Form of State (form of governance, of state
structure, of political regime);
– Legal Status of the Supreme State Organs;
– Basics of Political Structure;
– Basics of Economic Structure.

2. Major Sources of Constitutional Law of RK

• 1. Constitution of RK adopted on 30 August 1995
• 2. Constitutional Laws of RK
– Constitutional Laws are acts which specify constitutional
provisions; e.g. Constitutional Laws of RK on President of RK
of 26 December 1995; Constitutional Laws of RK on
Elections in RK of 28 September 1995
• 3. Laws of RK
– e.g. Law of RK on Citizenship of RK of December 20, 1991.
• 4. Resolutions of the Constitutional Council of RK
• 5. Decrees of the President of RK
• 6. International Treaties of RK

3. Concept of Constitution

Constitution is the basic law of the state which
has the supreme juridical force and regulates the
most important social relations.
•Establishing Function
•Fundamental Character
•Organizational Function
•Stabilizing Function
•Supreme Juridical Force
•Programmatic Function
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