Constitutional law
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Constitutional law

1. Constitutional law


Constitutional law is a branch of law that establishes the basis
for the relationship between the individual and the state, the
constitutional characteristics of the state, regulating the
organization of state power in the country and other
constitutional-legal relations.


The core of constitutional law is a constitution - a legal act or a set of legal
acts that have the highest legal force and regulates the foundations of
state organization and the relationship of state and citizen. The
Constitution is the main law of the state, has the highest legal force, is
both political and ideological doctrine: As a political document , the
constitution reflects a certain balance of political power in society at the
time of its development and adoption. As ideological, the con Stitutsiya
expresses a certain worldview, declares the most important values.


Constitutional norms are realized through constitutional-legal relations
(rights and duties arising between its parties mainly as a result of the
onset of legal facts). Constitutional law regulates the most important
social relations (for example, the foundations of the state system and the
judiciary, the electoral system), consolidates the basic (constitutional)
rights (such as the right to work, etc.), the norms of which are contained in
the Constitution and other laws. Constitutional law also defines the basic
rights and duties of the state and citizen, which are specified in laws and
other legal acts related to other branches of law.


Constitutional law as a science Constitutional law as a science
is a collection of knowledge about the history of state
construction, constitutional legal theories (doctrines). In the
prerevolutionary period, prominent Russian state scientists
were: VM Gessen, MM Kovalevsky, FF Kokoshkin, NM
Korkunov, P. I. Novgorodtsev. In the Soviet period, a
fundamental contribution to the development of state law was
made by: A. Ya. Vyshinsky, LD Zlatopolsky, KD Korkmasova,
SS Kravchuk, ID Levin, AI Lepeshkin, P. I Stucco, IP Trainin
and others.
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