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About Galilee Export (2/2)
Our Vision
Galilee Export Growers
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Logistics (2/2)
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Galilee Export. Fresh agricultural products from Israel’s


August 2015

2. About Galilee Export (1/2)

• Galilee Export was established in 2011 by a group of farmers
of the Milouot cooperative in Israel and became in a short
time a symbol for quality and reliability in the fresh market.
• More than 50 years of farming history.
• Fresh agricultural products from Israel’s.
• Direct to customers all over the world.
• Growers owned company.

3. About Galilee Export (2/2)

• Current crops: Avocado, Citrus (Grapefruit and Easy Peelers),
Mango, Medjoul dates, Sharon Fruit, Grapes, Peppers, Carrot,
Pomegranate, Lychee, Peach and Nectarine.
• About 70% of the production is for export.
• Qualified, highly skilled & experienced: marketing & selling
fresh produce throughout the world.
• Vertical integration from field through packing to the
• Certified compliance with quality standards in markets
throughout the world.
• Turnover of more then 100 million US$, with incremental
growth estimated at 10% YOY.



6. Our Vision

Value for money
• Fresh produce
• Certified compliance with environmental standards
• Bypassing “middleman” distributors
• Better trading conditions and long lasting sustainability
• As growers, we manage with a full understanding of agriculture
• Keeping all operations clean and simple
• Work is done seamlessly and efficiently.
A spirit of cooperation
• Empowering the land, the people and society,
• Growing healthy partnerships
• Delivering quality, reliability and good value to customers all over the

7. Galilee Export Growers

• Focus on farmers as the
heart and soul of the
• Many growers throughout
the region, subscribing to
our vision, market through
us thus enriching our
offering & strengthening
the brand worldwide

8. Quality Assurance

• Top priority: to market fresh & healthy products of the highest
• Meet and exceed safe produce standards with each product labtested under strict pesticide residue and post-harvest treatment
risk analysis
• Employ attentive, experienced professionals & advanced
technologies, maintaining full transparency with our growers &
• Carefully selected growers that meet the highest standards of
GLOBAL G.A.P., EUREP G.A.P. and other.
• Extensive training (HACCP, food safety & hygiene) & frequent
reviews to ensure excellent quality & compliance with strict

9. Logistics (1/2)

Involved at every point of the entire supply chain
Planning and production
Packing, transportation,
Inventory management and tracing of shipments
Optimizing the means of transportation, available on
time, at the lowest possible cost

10. Logistics (2/2)

• Innovative, reliable and professional solutions
• Ensuring a cost-effective supply chain
– Air, ocean, or inland trucking services
– “direct from the field”
• Global contracts with all shipping lines
• Wide range of transport channels
– Conventional vessels, reefer vessels, reefer containers,
CA (controlled atmosphere) Containers or door-to-door services
• Competitive and flexible

11. Thank you!

For more information about
Galilee Export, please visit our website
or contact us at
[email protected]
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