Bluetooth headset
Less noise. More convenience. Designed for real calls.
What's in the box?
Power on and get paired
Power on and get paired
Get the right fit
Answer a call
Reject a call
Redial previous call
Mute on/off during call
Active smartphone voice control
Adjust volume
Pause/ Restart media
Conambo K10C Bluetooth headset
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Bluetooth headset

1. Bluetooth headset

2. Less noise. More convenience. Designed for real calls.

3. What's in the box?

hard case
spare eartips
usb charging cable
Conambo K10C

4. Power on and get paired

First pairing for new headset: Turn on the power
and pair the phone directly
Turn the power button on(红蓝灯交替闪烁)
voice: “power on”
voice: “Pairing”
Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone

5. Power on and get paired

Select “K10C” to pair
voice: “connected”
Pairing other devices press for 3s(红蓝灯交
voice: “Pairing”

6. Get the right fit

替换合适的耳塞 并转动耳钩和麦克风

7. Answer a call

tap to answer
call switching
Press for 2s during a call to switch the
output between headset and phone

8. Reject a call

press for two seconds

9. Redial previous call


10. Mute on/off during call

press mute button
“mute on”
“mute off”

11. Active smartphone voice control

Press for 1s and release, voice
commands activate Siri, Google
Now or Cortana

12. Adjust volume

Press up or down

13. Pause/ Restart media

tap to pause/ restart

14. Conambo K10C Bluetooth headset

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