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Photo description


TASK 3 (Russian State Examination)


1. I’ve chosen photo number….(1)
You know, while travelling I always take lots of
photos and this photo was made during one of
my trips. Taking photos is really an exciting
and splendid hobby and pastime which gives
you a great opportunity to understand yourself
and the world around.


2.To begin with, I took this snapshot last
…(season, month, day) in … (July) during
my holidays ( my granny’s visit) while I was
travelling… (around Russia/to the seaside/
mountains/ countryside). It was an
unforgettable trip.


3. In the picture, you can see … (what/ whom).
In the foreground there is/are …
In the background … is/are shown.
The photo also depicts ….


4.They’re/ He/ She/ It is …. (wearing …/ a
doctor, maybe/ or He may be 16/
He is sitting in the … I guess, he is thinking.
He is having a good time./ He is enjoying his
spare time. He seems to … The atmosphere is
calm and relaxing. The sun is shining
brightly/ A light breeze is blowing.


5. If you ask me why I took this photo/ keep
this photo in my album, there are many
reasons. The first one is that I love
…(nature too much/ animals/ unusual
creatures…). Besides, I have just bought a
new camera and it was quite natural to
take as many photos as I could. And also
keeping photos
is a good way to capture the moments I
may never see again.


6. As far as this photo is one of the best, I am going
to show it to my friend. In my opinion, he will
like it, because he is fond of …., too. And he will
appreciate it. Maybe he would like to get the
same experience and emotions next time with


7. In conclusion, I’d like to point out that you
should take shots everywhere to remind you
the happiest moments of your life.
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