Nurly zhol
Plan of the Project:
Basic Idea
Aims of the Nurly zhol
The plan and the core of the Strategy
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The key of success
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Bright Future

1. Nurly zhol


2. Project

Done by the student of the Faculty of
International Relations group 305
Nurgisaeva Aizhan

3. Plan of the Project:

tell about the Message of the
President N.Nazarbaev –Nurly Zhol
To express the basic idea
To explain and to highlight each item of
the Strategy
To make a conclusion

4. Basic Idea

Message from the Head
of State for the year 2015
will certainly go down in
history as a strategic
document aimed at
ensuring the sustainable
development of
Kazakhstan during the
global crisis.
Basic Idea

5. Aims of the Nurly zhol

Economic Policy
"Nurly Zhol" will be
the engine of our
economic growth in
the coming years.
Only 200 thousand
new jobs will be
created due to road
construction. This
means employment
and income growth.

6. The plan and the core of the Strategy

The core of the new
economic policy will be
the plan of
development, It is
designed for 5 years
and coincides with the
Second Five-Year Plan
implementation PFIIR
which intend to
participate more than
100 foreign companies.
The total investment
portfolio amounts to 6
trillion tenge, the
state's share - 15 per
The plan and the
core of the


8. 1 Item

Development of
transport and logistics
infrastructure. It will
be implemented
through the formation
of macro-regions on
the basis of hubs. This
framework will
connect with Astana
and interconnected
macro-regions trunk
road, rail and airlines
from the radial
1 Item
Extract from the president’s

9. 1 item

need to implement major road
projects. This Western China Western Europe; Astana-Almaty;
Astana-Ust-Kamenogorsk; AstanaAktobe, Atyrau; Almaty - UstKamenogorsk; Karaganda Zhezkazgan - Kyzylorda; AtyrauAstrakhan.
1 item

10. 2 Item

. The development
of industrial
infrastructure. The
implementation of
projects will cause
a great demand
for construction
products and
services for
transport and
energy and
housing and
2 Item
A separate area - the infrastructure
for tourism. Their main advantage
is the ability to create more jobs.
Here, the creation of one job
costing 10 times less than in


12. 3 Item

The development of
infrastructure. In the
energy sector over
the past 5 years as
part of the
program of great
work has been
done. However, the
limitations of
backbone networks
is the shortage of
electricity in the
southern regions of
the country, natural
gas - in the central
and eastern regions.
3 Item

13. 3 Item

Build a high-voltage lines in the
directions of "Ekibastuz-SemeyUst-Kamenogorsk" and "SemeyAktogay-Taldykorgan-Almaty".
This will create a balanced energy
supply Kazakh power plants all
over the country.

14. 4 Item

Modernization of
infrastructure utilities and
water and heat supply
networks. The total need
for investment is not less
than 2 trillion tenge with
annual allocation till 2020
from all sources of
financing of not less than
200 billion tenge.
Today is a big interest in
investing in the
modernization of housing
and communal services are
showing the European
Bank for Reconstruction
and Development, Asian
Development Bank, Islamic
Development Bank, as well
as private investors.
4 Item
Modernization of
infrastructure utilities and
water and heat supply

15. 4 Item

To avoid a significant increase
in tariffs, it is necessary
government funding for such
projects. In this regard, to
accelerate the modernization of
heating and water supply
systems in addition to those
already provided for in the
budget it is advisable to send up
to 100 billion tenge annually .

16. 5 Item

Strengthening the housing
infrastructure. Formation of
agglomerations accompanied
by a significant outflow of
population. This creates
pressure on the labor market
and urban infrastructure,
including in the housing
stock. Therefore it is
necessary to revise
approaches to the
construction of rental
housing. The state will build
social rental housing and to
submit it to the population in
the long-term lease with
option to purchase. Provision
of housing directly, without
intermediaries and for the
lowest possible interest for
the loan, will reduce the cost
of its acquisition.
5 Item
The housing

17. 5 Item

18. 6 item

The development of
social infrastructure.
First of all, the
decision of problems
of emergency and
three-shift schools of
learning. This is one
of the main
indicators of our
election platform.
Another issue - the lack
of kindergartens.
As part of the
industrialization program 10
universities identified on the
basis of which will be
provided between science
and economy sectors and
training. I charge the form
of material and technical
base of educational
institutions, sending for this
purpose up to 10 billion
tenge until 2017.

19. 6 item

Development of the social

20. 7 Item

support small and
medium business and
business activity. Today
fully utilized 100 billion
tenge from the National
Fund to support and
SME lending. This
allowed the creation of
4.5 thousand jobs.
Demand for these funds
exceeded the offer by 23
billion tenge. Created
unprecedented business
lending conditions just
under 6 percent for 10
7 Item

21. 7 Item

Support small and medium

22. The key of success

pass a global test of maturity, we must be
united. We must strengthen the trust between all
the people of Kazakhstan! To be tolerant to each
other! These are the keys to the future of
Kazakhstan. Interethnic harmony - a life-giving
oxygen. We do not notice it when we breathe, do
this automatically - we just live. We must take care
of our own unity and inter-ethnic harmony!!
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