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Problems of teens in Finland


Problems of
teens in
Giving the presentation: Victoria
Balyuk and Ksenia Goloburdinа


Not so long ago Finland was in
the top ten of most drinking
countries, but now the situation
has changed for the better
As reported Scandi News, a
recent European study among
students showed that Finland is
in first place in the number of
Teens aged 15-16 who do not use
alcohol or drugs


It is obvious that over the past
decade, Finnish students started to
live a more healthy lifestyle - in
previous studies, Finland has
always been in first place on
teenage alcoholism.
In Finland, the teenager will work
better to buy a bike than a drug
dose or a bottle of vodka


The Finnish health care system is
unable to resolve a number of issues.
For example, in Finland still is an issue
of Smoking, even though Smoking in
Finland, a much smaller number of
people than in the whole Europe
Approximately 20-25% of young men
and women aged 15 to 24 years
smoke daily


Every year in Finland about a
thousand pregnant adolescents
up to 18 years, and 80 % of them
get abortions on demand ones
We want these problems was
less! We for a healthy way of
life around the World!
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