The problems of today's youth
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The problems of today's youth

1. The problems of today's youth


Every young person has
his own point of Every
young person has his own
point of view on his life
and future. Teenagers are
view on his life and
future. Teenagers are selfconfident, like risking. So
all of us want selfconfident, like risking. So
all of us want to try
everything in the life, to
grow up as to try
everything in the life, to
grow up as soon as
possible soon as possible.


Problems of moral education of youth
Problems of this nature occur from
economic instability of the state, is not
able to provide the required number of
jobs, reluctance of employers to accept
low-skilled and inexperienced
employees. The problem of youth
employment is also in financial claims
of young professionals who are
employers. Thus, young people looking
for work, but can't find a job, why not
have a livelihood. It pushes for the
search of illegal earnings, which often
pushes to crime, drug addiction leads
to poverty, promotes the development
of housing problems of young people.
The state program on providing young
families with their own house
practically implemented. A mortgage
becomes a very heavy yoke.


Problems of moral education of youth
Having no prospects in life, forced to fight for survival, many young boys and girls
become part of the criminal world. The social vulnerability of families, the necessity
of seeking the earnings impact on the culture and education of young people: they
are moving away from studying spiritual ideals
Low life, unsuccessful, the inability to implement pushing young people to the
testing of alcohol and drugs. The problem of alcoholism among young people has a
monstrous scale. Needless to say, every second high school student drink alcohol
twice a week. The problem of drug addiction among young people is also relevant.
By the way, this dependence occurs not only in children from low-income families:
many addicts are children of wealthy parents.
Considerable dimensions of the problem of Smoking among young people. Every
third high school student smokes constantly. Indeed, among young people there is a
mistaken prestige of Smoking, which, in their opinion, looks "fashionable" and


The problems of today's youth culture
The decline in the living standards of young people was reflected in
their cultural life. Popular Western ideas of consumer attitude to life
that is reflected in the cult of money and fashion, the pursuit of
material well-being, the pursuit of pleasure.
In addition, there are problems of youth leisure. In many cities and
villages do not create the conditions for cultural leisure time: there are
no free pools, sports clubs or hobby groups. So boys and girls sit in
front of the TV or computer, in the company of peers with a cigarette
and a bottle in his hand.
Spiritual impoverishment is reflected in the problem of speech culture
of modern youth. Low education levels, communication on the
Internet, the creation of youth subcultures contributed to the
development of slang, far from the rules of the Russian literary
language. Following the fashion, the younger generation uses speech
swear words, slang expressions, violates linguistic norms.


Psychological problems of youth
Psychological problems of youth are related, mainly,
to the lack of clear life points. With the laws of life
boys and girls are introduced not only parents,
school and books, but also the street, the products
of mass culture, the media, their own experience.
The indifference of power and powerlessness,
boyish provokes in young people the development
of indifference or aggression, pushes to join the
youth informal groups. In addition, adolescence is a
time when a person has to solve many important
problems: the choice of profession, spouse, friends,
is the definition of way of life, the formation of their
own world.
The solutions to the problems of young people are in
a deliberate systematic policy of the state, not only
on papers and speeches. Government needs to
really recognize that young boys and girls – this is
the future of the country.


1) Youth is a serious concern, isn't it?
2) Youth is a period of life that is crucial in human life.
3)Firstly, all human life is embedded in his early years.
4)Secondly, the youth is the time when a person is
trying to find his place in the world.
5)There are several problems of the younger
6)First to choose a profession.
7)In fact, it's hard.
8)One of the main problems is unemployment.
9)Thirdly, it is a conflict of generations.
10)The Tensions that exist between parents and


1) Проблемы молодежи вызывает
серьезную озабоченность, не так ли? 2)
Молодость-это период жизни, который
имеет решающее значение в жизни
человека.3)Во-первых, вся жизнь человека
внедряется в его ранние годы. 4)во-вторых,
молодежь-это время, когда человек
пытается найти свое место в мире.5)Есть
несколько проблем подрастающего
поколения.6)Первая выбрать
профессию.7)На самом деле это
сложно.8)Одной из главных проблем
является безработица.9)В-третьих, это
конфликт поколений.10)Напряженность,
которая существует между родителями и
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