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Youth Problems



Actual problems of young people:
Friendship problems
Parents problems
Emotional problems
Health problem(drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism)
Money problems
Fear of loneliness


For teenagers nearly everything becomes a tragedy.
Love, friendship, conflicts, misunderstanding
between them and parents.


Problem number one is friendship. At our age it's so
important to choose a true friend who can listen to
you, support in any situation, and advise something


Parents problems.
Problem number two-the problem of parents and teenagers. It's
always been a problem, but each generation becomes more
difficult than the previous one. They want their parents to listen
to their opinion and allowed to solve problems independently.
Some parents neglect their children because they cannot find a
common language with each other. They have different tastes
and views on life.


Teenagers are marked changeable moods, emotional
instability. Combined with a poor upbringing,
troubled relationships with others and physiological
qualities of these characteristics can be emotional


Health problem(drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism)
I think that the most difficult and serious problem of modern
teenagers is drug addiction. Besides, a lot of teenagers
think drugs will help them to forget about different
problems and to escape from reality. Today millions of
young people use drugs, and most of them die. Other
problems include Smoking and alcohol consumption


Money problems
The problem of
youth in money
that they just do
not have enough
pocket money.
teenagers start to
ask their parents,if
not to go to work.
Or steal.


Fear of loneliness
A lot of teenagers are afraid of loneliness.
They want other people to appreciate
them. That is why young people tend to
join some groups or copy particular
models of behaviour.


A teenager in most cases is inclined to escape from
difficult situations, and suicide is, first and foremost,
care. A teenager decides to commit suicide when
feeling really miserable. Matters and that not all
children are aware of the value of life – neither his
nor anyone else. Another factor influencing suicide
is the society itself.
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