National Park of Ukraine
National Park of Ukraine
Dermansk-Ostroh National Nature Park
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National Park of Ukraine

1. National Park of Ukraine

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2. National Park of Ukraine

The National Park is not just rivers, forests,
mountains, or natural phenomena. This is a
place of a special, exceptionally beautiful
nature of an individual country. They are
carefully protected from destructive human
exposure and at the same time open to anyone
who wants to enjoy their beauty.

3. Dermansk-Ostroh National Nature Park

Dermansko-Ostroh National
Nature Park - protected area,
national natural park in
Ukraine. It is located on the
territory of Zdolbunivsky
(partly) and Ostrohsky
districts of Rivne oblast.


The park is located in the eastern, eastern part of the Lesser
Polesye - Ostroh valley. Covers the territory of the
floodplain of the Zbininka River, which flows between the
views of the hill of the Mizotsky Ridge and the Kremenets
Mountai Here the narrow strip of Polissya landscapes at
the bottom of the river valley is surrounded by landscapes
characteristic of the forest-steppe zone within the two
hills - Volyn and Podolsk. Flora of the park has 861
species of plants, mikobiota - 64 species, and fauna - 485
species. There are 49 plant species growing and 52 species
of animals are included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine.


The natural park was created on December
11, 2009 in accordance with the decree of
the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko
in order to preserve valuable natural
territories and historical and cultural
objects. The territory of the national natural
park "Dermansko-Ostrozky" is agreed in
accordance with the established procedure
to include 5448.3 hectares of state-owned
land, namely: 1647.6 hectares of land
provided (including removal from land
users) to the national natural park for
permanent use, and 3800.7 hectares of land,
which are included in its composition
without withdrawal.


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