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Cargo transportation by road transport



Road transport is the transport of goods and passengers by land transport over
trackless roads.
The main areas of expedient use of road transport are the delivery and delivery of
goods to the main types of transport, the delivery of industrial and agricultural
goods for short distances, intraurban transportation, and the delivery of goods for
trade and construction. For long distances, road transport is used to transport
perishable goods, especially valuable, requiring rapid delivery, inconvenient for
transhipment by other modes of transport. The advantage of road transport in
maneuverability and flexibility, a disadvantage - a fairly high cost of


Legal regulation of international
cargo transportation.
One of the first international instruments was theinternational trade, signed in 1914.
Currently, more than 30 conventions have been developed and are already
functioning,and other international documents in the field of road transport. There
are more than 100 decisions of the Economic Commission for Europe(ECE
Regulation) in this area, ensuring road safetyenvironmental protection. Rule 49 (R49) defines the maximumpermissible concentration of harmful substances in the
exhaust gases of engines.


1. Convention on Road Traffic and Convention on Road Signs and Signals of 1968


2. European Agreement on Main International Traffic
Arteries, AGR of 1975


3. European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of
Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport, AETR
of 1970


4. Customs Convention on the International Transport of
Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets of 1959 and 1975


5. Customs Convention on the Temporary Importation of
Commercial Road Vehicles of 1954 and 1956


6. Customs Convention on Containers of 1956


7. Convention on the Contract for the International
Carriage of Goods by Road of 1956


8. European Agreement concerning the International
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road of 1957


9. International Convention on the Harmonization of
Frontier Controls of Goods of 1982


10. Customs Convention on the Temporary Importation
of Commercial Road Vehicles 14.12.1956


Bilateral and multilateral
interstate treaties
In structure of legal maintenance of the international automobile
transportationsbilateral and multilateral bilateral and multilateral
interstate treaties are also included.


National legislation
Law on Transport
Law on road transport
Law On road safety


Transport documents
When performing international transport, all necessarydocuments: personal driver's documents,
documents for motor transportmeans and for cargo.Among personal documents, a driver carrying
out an internationalcargo must have:
official foreign passport with valid terms of entry and exitexit visas for the countries for which
the transportation is carried out;
certification of the international model for the right to drivein accordance with the Convention
on Road Traffic;
certificate of export of foreign currency;
medical insurance policy for the driver;
if possible, a credit card.


The list of documents for cargo that the driver must have wheninternational transport:
TIR Carnet (Carnet TIR);
commodity-transport waybill (cargo manifest CMR) with attached-shipper specifications,
certificates, sanitarysports and other accompanying documents (quality
certificate,quarantine certificate, veterinary certificate, etc.);
cargo customs declaration issued by the consignor;
reference of the carrier's liability (a copy of the insurance policy);
an invoice for the goods (indicating the requisites of the buyer and seller,the date of the
delivery contract and its terms, the name and code of the goodsTNVED, type and number
of packages, gross weight, valuegoods, the date of drawing up the invoice and the stamp
of the seller);
a set of waybills for the return load of a vehicle


The contract of carriage within
the framework of this Convention
is between thepeople's wartransport waybill (CMR).
The CMR bill is a form
consisting of two twelve selfpirinal pages. All entries in the
CMR registration are recorded
immediately to all countries
which requires transporters to
cautiously treat it.


In addition to the CMR, the commodity-transport
documentation includes all Documents sent to CMR:
• shipping specification
invoice (invoice)contract value of cargo
certificates of quality and origin
• veterinary certificates, the act of downloading a car.
These documentsare written in the country's language.
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