Welcome to Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University
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Welcome to Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

1. Welcome to Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

2. About the city

Saint Petersburg is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow,
7 million inhabitants in 2016.
An important Russian port on the Baltic Sea, it has a status of a federal subject (a federal
Situated on the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea, it was
founded by Tsar Peter the Great on May 27 1703.
Famous with
● wight nights in summer time,
● bridges
● Hermitage

3. Sightseeing

It was built in 1806–1823 by architect
Andrian Zakharov and closely connected
with the foundation of the Russian Navy.
This is aship. This graceful needle spire is a
symbol of StPetersburg.
This is the statue of Peter the
Great on horseback.
It was created bysculptor
Etienne-Maurice Falconet
in 1782. It is often called “The
Bronze Horseman”
after apoem written by Alexander


Palace Square with the world’s tallest
monolith – Alexander Column (45.7 m
high). It was built in 1837 byMontferrand
in honour of the victory of Russia in the
Patriotic War of1812over Napoleon. The
column stands thanks to gravity alone
and is not attached to the pedestal in
any way.


There are more than 20 theatres in St
Petersburg, includingsuch
well-known companies as the
Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre
(architect Alberto Kavos, 1859), the
Mussorgsky Maly Opera and Ballet
Theatre, the TovstonogovAcademic
Drama Theatre, the Philharmonic
Society andothers.
Nevsky Prospect is the main street of
St-Petersburg. To the left you cansee
Kazan Cathedral with the statues of
Field —Marshals Kutuzov and Barclay
de Tolly.
The architect is Andrey Voronikhin

6. Hospital

1 of 4 Pediatric Universities in the world
More than 4 000 students
The biggest pediatric Hospital in Russia
Provides exchanges on pediatrics and
adults departments
In 2014 was opened new Perinatal

7. Perinatal center SPbGPMU

Perinatal center was opened couple
years ago. Today it is one of the biggest
in Russia.


The exchange students are allowed:
•To work withpatients;
•To assist on operations;
•To study medicalrecords;
•To participate in the morning rounds with the doctors;
•To get night shifts (by their own wish);
• And etc.

9. Working Conditions

•5 days per week;
•From Monday to Friday;
•About 6-8 hours per day;
•Night shifts allowed (not obligatory) ;
What to bring:
•A white coat;
•Surgical scrubs (for Surgery Departments);
•Second pair of shoes;
•A stethoscope.

10. Lodging

Exchange students are placed in the Student
in 1 or 2 bed apartments which is close to the
University and Hospitals where practice takes
•On every floor there is a kitchen which you
can use 24h;
•Such equipment as dishes, sheets and pillows
are already prepared for the students;
•Student flat is safe, no one could enter who is
not livingthere.

11. Available departments

Internal Medicine – General
Internal Medicine – Cardiology;
Internal Medicine – Gastroenterology;
Infectious Diseases (adults and pediatrics)
General – Surgery (pediatrics);
Trauma (pediatrics)
Cardiovascular Surgery (adults and
Anesthesiology (adults and pediatrics)
Intensive Care (adults and pediatrics)
Ophthalmology (pediatrics)
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Psychiatric and narcology
Gasrtoenterology ( pediatrics)
Urology (pediatrics)
* For other department please contact us.

12. Social Program

Basically includes:
•Educational activities (“English Club”);
•Cultural activities (visiting museums, places on interests, theatres, art galleries, etc.);
•Sport activities (visiting ice hockey (SKA-team) and football (Zenit team), ice
skating all year round, snowboarding or skiing in winter, frisbee games etc.);
•Typical exchange activities (Welcome Dinner, National Food and Drink Party, City
Tour, Farewell Party);
•Visiting other Russian cities (Moscow, Pushkin, Viborg, Pskov, etc)
•And etc.




2 weeks
• for students 26 100 rubles ( 372,5 euros on 02.18)
• For young doctors 28 336 rubles ( 377,5 rubles on
4 weeks
• for students 55 123 rubles ( 745 euros on 02.18)
• For young doctors 52 673 rubles ( 755 rubles on
* Discounts are available for groups of 10 + people.

16. From St-Petersburg with Love!

For more information please contact us;
[email protected]
[email protected]
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