Profession of a doctor
Advantages and disadvantages
Role of medicine in our life
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Profession of a doctor

1. Profession of a doctor


This profession is one of the oldest in the world. This is a
very demanding job which requires a lot of skills and


They do not just listen to the patient complaints. A
doctor has to diagnose a case and prescribe the right
treatment. And this cannot be done without an
appropriate training and high level of professionalism.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages in being a
doctor. First of all, profession of a doctor is the one where you
do not have weekends and holidays, where you have to work
at nights and change your plans because of an emergency
call. Another disadvantage is that sometimes you have to deal
with fatal illnesses which can be very stressful.
However, advantages of this profession surpass its
disadvantages. Everyone treats doctors with great respect.
There are no limits for improvement in this profession and
where there is a will, there is a way. And the last, but not the
least is joy and gratitude of a recovered patient.

5. Role of medicine in our life

The role of medicine has greatly increased, especially
now when people are trying to look after their health.
They undergo medical examinations on a regular basis
and do not neglect any indisposition.
With the development of modern technologies new
methods of treatment become available. And all that
means that profession of a doctor will remain in high
demand for many years to come.
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