United States of America
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United States of America

1. United States of America


The United States is the fourth largest country in the world in area (after Russia, Canada,
and China).


It occupies the southern part of North America and stretches from the Pacific to the
Atlantic Ocean. It also includes Alaska in the north and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The
total area of the country is about nine and a half million square kilometres.


The USA is made up of 50 states and the District of Columbia where the capital of the country,
Washington, is situated. The population of the country is about 250 million.


Though mainly European and African in origin, the Americans are made up from nearly all
races and nations, including the Chinese and the native Americans — Indians. The US is a
diverse country with a multicultural society.


The United States is relatively young by world standards, being less than 250 years old, it
achieved its current size only in the mid-20th century. America was the first of the European
colonies to separate successfully from its motherland, and it was the first nation to be
established on the premise that sovereignty rests with its citizens and not with the government.


In the 20th century the United States emerged as a world power, and since World
War II it has been one of the preeminent powers.


The United States is the world’s greatest economic power, measured in terms
of gross domestic product (GDP).


The USA is a highly developed industrial country. It is the leading producer of copper and
oil and the worlds second producer of iron ore and coal. On the industrial enterprises of
the country they produce aircrafts, cars, textiles, radio and television sets, weapon,
furniture, and paper.


The U.S. Constitution, the world’s oldest written national constitution still in effect,
was officially ratified on June 21, 1788


The executive branch is headed by the president, who must be a natural-born citizen of the United
States, at least 35 years old, and a resident of the country for at least 14 years.


A president is elected indirectly by the people through an electoral college system to a fouryear term and is limited to two elected terms of office by the Twenty-second
Amendment (1951).


Many American cultural elements, especially from popular culture, have spread across the
globe through modern mass media. America stands as the most prominent cultural force


The cinema of the United States, often generally referred to as Hollywood, has had
a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early twentieth century.


United States of America is a truly great country, with special lifestyle, unique
people and its own traditions.
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