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The United States of America




The United States of America is a state
in North America. The area is 9.5
million km² (the 4th place in the world).
The population is 325 million people
(2016, estimate, 3rd place in the
world). The United States has a federal
form of organization, administratively
divided into 50 states and the Federal
District of Columbia; in their
subordination there is also a number of
island territories (Puerto Rico, the
Virgin Islands, Guam and others).


The capital is the city of Washington,
DC, and the largest city in the world is
the city of New York. The United States
borders the north with Canada, in the
south - with Mexico, also have a
maritime border with Russia. They are
washed by the Pacific Ocean from the
west, by the Atlantic Ocean - from the
east and the Arctic Ocean - from the


The United States is a highly developed
country with the world's first economy
with nominal GDP and the second with
GDP. Although the country's population
is only 4.3% of the world's population,
Americans own about 40% of the
world's total wealth.


The United States of America consists
of 50 states that are equal subjects of
the federation, the capital's federal
district of Columbia and dependent
territories. Each state has its own
constitution, legislative, executive and
judicial powers. Most of the names of
states come from the names of Indian
tribes and the names of the kings of
England and France.
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