My idol-Gina Carano
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My idol-Gina Carano

1. My idol-Gina Carano

Victoria Belousova


Gina was born in the U.S. state of
Texas, in Dallas, 16 April 1982.


Today, this athlete is
the unofficial face of
women's MMA. But
still, as a schoolgirl
Gina played basketball
and volleyball. Over
time, a new hobby —
Muay Thai. It is this
latest craze has
become the basis of
the length of the career
of the athlete.


The first fight in mixed martial arts took place when Gina was still 24 years old. At that time,
she has had 14 fights (12 wins, 1 defeat, 1 draw). At that moment, Gina participated in the
tournament WEF and she had to step into the ring with Leica Pestaway. The opponents were
very serious, she has studied a variety of martial arts. The battle had to be very heavy, which is
why Gina gave a lot of time training. But all fears were in vain, in the first round, after 38
seconds after the bell, the world saw the winner.


In the end, during his
career, Gene spent 14 local
fights in Muay Thai,
including 12 victories — 1
defeat — 1 draw and 8 in
the mixed single combats,
7 victories, 1 defeat.After
the last match (losing),
Gina concentrated on the
set of numerous photo
shoots / filming
(cinematography), though
I've never studied neither
actress nor model


2009 – "Blood and
2012 – "Knockout“
2013 – "fast & furious 6“
2014 – "Almost human“
2014 – "Bloody
2015 – "Speed. Bus 657“
2015 – "Salvation“
2016 – "Deadpool“
2016 – "Kickboxer“
2016 – "Sergeant X“
2017 – "Scorched earth"

7. Interesting facts:

Height: 173 cm
Weight: offhand, in the area 64-66
Have a nickname: Conviction.Lives
in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Gina is one of the leading gladeiators sports show "American
Gina is widely considered as the
"Female face of MMA", but refuses
to recognize this title.
According to some, the house she
live two pit bulls, a roommate and
best friend is a former prisoner.
Gina has an idol — Bruce Lee.
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