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The National Parks in Great Britain


The National Parks in Great Britain


After a noisy city, so nice
to be outdoors. Wander through the quiet forest
paths, listening to the birds, breathe the fresh air.
All this can be done in a large park, away from
human vanity.
The Times published the top 5 the most
popular parks in the UK. Look at them.


The New Forest
This National Park is situated
between Southampton and
Bournemouth on the south
coast of the island.
This is a unique wildlife
area,which prohibited any
human interference in natural
life of wild animals.
Tourists can enjoy the
beauty of old oaks
and beeches, which are more
than 300 years old


Beaulieu Moto Museum
Exbury gardens


Park Exmoor
•One of the few surviving forests in
England, where it grows over 900 species
of flowers and shrubs.
• The park includes an amazing and
diverse landscape of forests, swamps,
mountains, rivers and
mountains with breathtaking waterfalls
•Exmoor valuable their historical
significance, in its territory are 208 ancient
monuments and 16 nature reserves


Royal deer
Winsford village
Dunster Castle


Brecon Beacons
Welsh Reserve Brecon Beacons,
in which there are four mountain
ranges, grazing sheep.
You can photographing the most
beautiful lighthouses , go down into
the gorge of some caves or sail a
canoe on a mountain river,
make a horse ride a horse or pony
to the Black Mountain, see the
sights of these places, such as
Raglan Castle and Brecon


Nature of Brecon
Brecon Cathedral
Raglan Castle


Distrik Peak
This is the oldest national park UK attracts tourists from around
the world as a historic district. There are hundreds of historical
monuments, stately homes, magnificent monasteries and villages
in the reconstruction of different ages. Travelers can offer long
hikes, fishing, horseback riding, even on the fly gliders or
paraglides. There is a lesson for everyone.


Cairngorms Park
Cairngorms Park , which is
located in the eastern
highlands Scotland. It’s ideal
place for mountaineering, hiking
in the mountains, observations of
birds and animals, and in winter
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